This God damn society

June 26, 2016
Hi guys, it's Lauryn! I know we are in 2016 but for some reason, many people are struggling to realise that and are stuck in the mindset of someone from the 1950s. That's right, I'm back today with another rant post about this god damn society... I got half way through writing this post and realised how much more I have to say so this is going to be part 1 and expect part 2 shortly!

Make up:

If I want to wear make up, I'm going to wear make up. Not once have I decided to wear make up to impress somebody because I just don't believe in that so therefore nothing annoys me more when I decide to go into sixth form with make up on sometimes and people are like "Oh, what are you doing after?" or "Are you seeing your boyfriend today?" NO. SIT DOWN. I don't have to be doing something to make myself feel good, I don't just wear make up when I'm seeing my boyfriend, I don't even need to wear make up when I see him. Please can we all destroy the idea of make up being something to impress other people?

"You're wearing too much make up" Oh I'm sorry, I forgot that you get to decide what I do to my own face... oh wait, you don't. This has always annoyed me because there is not a limit on how much make up you wear, just wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Moving on to in a school setting, when I was back at my old school(All girls grammar school, absolute hell), I was told many times that I'm not allowed to wear certain make up or I wasn't allowed to have my nails painted etc but why? See that's the thing, they could never come up with a valid reason as to why I couldn't have these certain things that made me feel comfortable and happy. Obviously, for food technology lessons and PE, nail polish is a no go but let's be honest, I didn't take part in those lessons anyway...


Does it really matter which clothes you wear as long as you feel happy and comfortable? Well, apparently yes, yes it does because society and institutions such as schools continue to create ridiculous rules and social norms based around clothing.
Firstly, let's talk about uniform within schools and general dress code. Luckily, I can wear what I want now as I go to sixth form but at my old school, I had to comply with a dress code. I agree with dress codes to an extent because I believe that it can stop bullying if people can not afford the latest trainers or handbag but uniform rules are just getting out of hand. For example, I was told countless times that my "skirt was too short" and it could "distract male teachers" EXCUSE ME? For a start, my skirt was of a decent length and even if it was a bit shorter, it's a pair of legs. Why should male teachers be bothered by that? Especially considering at this time, I was under the age of 16 and therefore still a child.

Also, there's still a very strong sense of certain clothes being only suitable for a certain gender in society and having to conform to these specific gender roles in order to "fit in". I think that this is especially prominent for the younger teenagers in society who truly believe that they have to dress in a way which makes them look like everyone else in their social group so that they do not look different. This is quite troubling, in my opinion, because it's almost as though they are becoming clones of one another and lacking individuality and the ability to strengthen and progress within their own personality.

As well as this, there's the "males can wear this but females can't", for example strappy shirts revealing shoulders. It is just not even thought of when males do this but God forbid a females shoulders are on show. This can apply to many items of clothing.


I feel like the equality within jobs is something that is slowly improving over time but by slow, I mean that it could move a lot quicker. What with there still being a distinct gap in the pay between men and women for the exact same job and there still being stereotypical jobs for both men and women, sometimes it really is quite infuriating but there has most definitely been improvements.

For this post, I'm mainly going to be focusing on these stereotypes such as women going into more nurturing career roles such as nursing or teaching whereas males are thought to be more likely to go into careers such as medicine aka things that require more brain power and intelligence. I must admit,  I think that people in this generation are pretty open minded for the most part which I am pretty happy about but I still find myself wanting to snap at that middle aged man on the bus every so often as it is evident that he supports the idea that women shouldn't be given the same opportunities as men.

Also, I think the thing that frustrates me most about jobs is trying to get one at my age(17 years old) because for most jobs, you need previous experience but you can't get experience if no one is willing to give you a job! As well as this, when you finally find a job you are paid less than people who are older than you but doing the exact same job due to the national minimum wage being higher, the older you get. I'm sorry but why should someone only a few years older than me get paid twice as much when we are doing exactly the same task? Why does the government believe that progression of age means progression of ability?

Childcare and domestic labour:

I believe that as time goes on, relationships between parents are becoming more symmetrical in the case of childcare and domestic labour. However, in some families, it is still considered the norm for the mother to be responsible for all of the childcare and cleaning the house as well as being the one to provide emotional security to the fellow family members. This is evidently putting a whole lot of pressure on women to fit into this stereotype and therefore decreasing their opportunities in life as they feel as though their main role is in the household.

So, that's the end of today's post! Remember to come back for part 2 of "This God damn society" and if you have any suggestions or just want to say hi, remember to contact me and as always, my contact information will be below! Thanks!

- Lauryn

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  1. I agree, everyone should be who they are and look the way they want. :)

    1. Exactly, Christina! People are often far too judgemental.
      Thank you :)

  2. People often are far too cruel about people's appearance. That's for sure.

  3. Loved this article, except I don't' agree that someone who has been working at that same job for years or has a lot more experience than I do, should be paid the same amount as someone just starting out. Also, the younger you are, usually you have a lot less expenses, though I think college loans are changing that. However, the rest of these points are clearly issues. Luckily, the next generation coming up are doing a lot to change this. They are working to get rid of double standards.

    1. Thanks Kayla! Oh yes, I agree to an extent with your point, I think it's so difficult to generalise really. Yes, college loans are changing so it's going to be more difficult for younger people hence why I think the current National minimum wage is a disgrace. I agree, this generation seem to be a lot more open minded!

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  4. Here in the Washington State there are special hours and starting wages for those under 18 - the hours are mostly for protection - so that they aren't working hours that are keeping them from getting enough time for school homework and for sleeping.It actually is almost impossible to get hired when you are under 18 - our children struggled with that.

    The wage is only slightly less than those over 18 - this is because many teens (not you) often take a lot of training and have not built a good work ethic. (My son used to be a manager at a Dairy Queen and he often found the teens playing when he was not watching.)

    I understand your concern, because they are ruining it for a responsible person like you.

    1. Hi Marjorie. I completely understand the special hours aspect however I do not agree with the minimum wage as here, over 25s are getting more than double than someone of the age of 17. Thank you very much for your comment.

  5. You have a lot of valid points. I feel like the dress code is something I am nearing as my children get older. When I was growing up it was up to me to get past my father with my outfit. If he thought it was too revealing I would change. This was just to teach me to have respect for my body etc. If there was a little more parenting at home, maybe the schools wouldn't have so many issues with dress code. I understand where they are coming from, as I have worked on a board. They deal with pressures from both sides.

    1. Thank you. I understand that, I think it just depends really, it's hard to generalise it all under one topic as there are so many different scenarios that could be occuring.


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