Becoming vegetarian - Guest post

October 04, 2016
Hi guys! My name is Sophie and I’m from I’m really happy to be writing a guest post for Lauryn’s blog today! If you know me or have read any of my blogposts, you will probably know that I am a vegetarian and have been for just over a year now. I thought that for my guest post I’d write a super quick beginner’s guide to making the transition to a meatless diet and sticking to it. So here you go!
My first piece of advice for going vegetarian is to plan it and really think about it! I decided one day just to ditch meat out of my diet and that certainly made my first fortnight or so of vegetarianism much harder. I had no meat substitutes, didn’t really know what to eat and was very hungry. So if you plan to go vegetarian, make yourself a meal plan for the first couple of weeks until you get used to the change and stock your fridge up with meat alternatives like Quorn and Tofu. Educating yourself on your cause really helps keeps you dedicated and prevents any unfortunate slips. For me, watching a video on how animals are treated and killed in abattoirs made me dead-set on never eating meat again. Out of all the vegetarians I know, watching gross videos on the internet seems to be a pretty effective method of ensuring you stay veggie! However, they are grim and very upsetting to watch, so if you are already an animal lover, just spread that love to every animal on the plant.
If going vegetarian is something you aspire to achieve but it seems overwhelming, then make the transition slowly, cutting out one type of meat at a time. I recommend this method for those considering taking a step further and becoming vegan. Perhaps starting off as a pescatarian, seeing how that goes for a couple of months and then dropping fish as well, is the way to go. Meat free Mondays seem to be quite a popular idea these days, so that could be a great starting point for you aspiring veggies. Slowly increase the amount of times you go meat free throughout the week, and before you know it, you won’t miss your steak or chicken nuggets, and will perfectly happy to embrace the change for good.
Creating a good support network of fellow veggies is super helpful and also thoroughly motivating. They can give you useful advice for adapting to your new lifestyle choice, as well recommending yummy meat free meals and stopping you from feeling down at your lack of food choice. There are lovely groups of vegetarians and vegans on twitter and other social networks, who will be happy to talk to.  Asking someone for advice on going vegetarian was actually how I got to know one of my closest friends today, and we keep each other motivated and educated on the veggie cause!
I really hope this super quick blogpost has helped give you some tips on making the transition to vegetarianism. If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me on my social medias which will be linked down below. Thanks very much for taking the time to read this post and thank you Lauren for giving me this guest blogpost spot.
Love, Sophie xx

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