As you'll know if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or pretty much anywhere, Josh and I went to Italy from Thursday 2nd of November to Monday the 6th and it was absolutely lovely! We stayed in an Airbnb in Verona and took day trips to Milan and Venice too. I've decided to use photo diaries as a way to document this trip but it will be in three parts; Verona, Milan and then Venice. However, if you're friends with me on Facebook then you will know just how many photos I have taken of the trip so this is going to be my favourites photos... this is definitely a different type of post than what I'm used to but I hope you enjoy it all the same!

I took this photo when we got off the bus and we saw the first proper parts of Verona and I just love the colours of the houses and how peaceful yet exciting everything looks
arena in verona
We spent our first day looking around Verona and going to places such as the Arena which we actually went in later in the week!
verona pizza
What better way to start off a holiday in Italy than some pizza overlooking lovely scenery! The place that we decided to buy the pizza from sold pizza by the kilo. Obviously, a lot of pizza! The woman who worked there ended up giving us a lot more than anticipated but it was still really good nevertheless.
This is one of my favourite photos from the trip but I don't even know why. I really enjoy the colours and just the overall image!
Fast forward to a couple of days later when we spent another day in Verona! It had been raining really heavily but we had decided to climb to the top seats of the arena and I was absolutely terrified of getting back down because of how slippery it was. So, it took a while, to say the least.
Definitely was not smiling inside at this point...
padlocks verona
We also attempted to go visit Juliet's balcony but it was under construction so there was literally just a photo of it, bit of a waste of a walk. Josh and I don't need to waste 8 euros on one of these padlocks to know his love for me.
verona venchi
So, we definitely consumed way too many desserts but "it's ok because we are on holiday, right?". In other news, I really like crepes.
Castelvecchio was pretty pleasant and a good way to end our final full day in Verona!

This is only a snippet of photos from our time in Verona and I look forward to posting those from Milan and Venice too!