I've seen so many controversial comments surrounding this type of blog post and while I understand that they are not everyone's cup of tea which is why you needn't read this if you don't like them, I really enjoy reading this type of post so I thought, why not do one myself if people are interested in what I got for Christmas. I decided not to include every single present from all of my extended family because I have a rather large family and I feel like the post will be waaaay too long so if you're reading this and you got me a present and you're wondering why it's not in this post, I do like it and I do appreciate it but I had to be realistic about how much to include. Therefore, I've included presents from my parents, from Josh(my boyfriend) and miscellaneous ones from friends and family. Just the usual disclaimer, I'm not bragging, I'm very grateful for all of my presents and let's begin...

One present I can't show as I don't actually have the tickets yet is Hairspray tickets at Plymouth Theatre Royal by my best friend, Shannon which is going to be so much fun!
So, starting with the presents from my parents...

My main present from my parents was my new camera which is the Canon PowerShot SX620 HS. I do have my bigger camera but it's difficult to carry around and so I was looking for something more portable. As I'm writing this, I'm looking at the photo and I realised that there is a really annoying glare on the camera box and it's kind of driving me insane a bit. Anyway, my first impressions of this camera are really good and I look forward to it helping me improve my photography as that is one of my 2018 goals.

They also bought me the Amazon Echo Dot which I think is going to be really useful, a bluetooth speaker which I'm just quite happy about because it's pink and I tested it and it's really good quality which is good because my speakers broke a couple of months ago when moving to Exeter. As well as this, they bought me a new hairdryer which is definitely one of my most useful presents after nearly setting fire to my accommodation because of mine a couple of weeks ago.

My parents also bought me the pink metallic old skool vans which I had been looking at for months so I'm very happy to have those in my collection now. Another thing I was very excited about is this Cath Kidston polka dot purse as I've wanted one for the longest time and it is definitely an upgrade from my current purse. As well as this, they bought me a razor because it's just one of those boring things that you never want to buy yourself.

You know you're an adult when you get excited about things like water filter jugs. I've been telling my mother for months that I want one of these because the water in Exeter just tastes disgusting and yknow, stay hydrated kids. Another thing my parents bought me is this cocktail shaker jar which definitely matches my aesthetic and I'm looking forward to getting some use out of this. Also, if you know me, you'll know I'm a big fan of mug cakes and this mug is the perfect size for them, as well as coming with a little kit to make your own. I'm also quite a fan of the "Good things come to those who bake" saying on it, even if I'm incapable of baking without it tasting disgusting.

Oh look, more kitchen stuff because apparently, I forget that I'm only 19. I'm a big fan of this Cath Kidston mug and water bottle because I've wanted both for so long but it's just something I couldn't justify on my student budget. Also, I'm quite the fan of Mary Berry so I thik I'll enjoy this cookbook as I should probably stop cooking the same 4 meals on repeat.

I would say these presents are more joint presents for Josh and I from my parents. So, I have two board games and this money box which I do find quite comical. The last present from my parents has actually been the background of all of these photos which is a pink fluffy coat. I've wanted one of these for so long so I'm so glad that I finally have one.

Moving on to my presents from Josh...

One of my main presents from Josh was these Pandora earrings which are so simple but so pretty and I haven't stop wearing them since I was given them. Then, he bought me the Morphe 35R palette which is my first Morphe palette and it definitely lives up to it's expectations, the pigmentation of the colours is amazing and I'm looking forward to experimenting more with this. As well as this, there's the Zoeva Sweet Glamour palette which isn't colours I would usually go for but they are so pretty and I already have some ideas for new looks with them. As well as this, there's the Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in Androgyny. I wore this yesterday and I love it so much, the formula is long lasting and I'm very happy to finally have this in my collection. There's also a set of 2 eos balms; one vanilla and one strawberry. I'm a big eos fan so these were definitely a nice present to recieve. Then, there's a Liz Earle set which contains lots of products including the famous hot cloth cleanser and I'm loving it already.

Another of my main presents from Josh is the Wacom Intuous Draw graphics tablet which I haven't had much chance to use yet but my first impressions of it are definitely positive and I'm hoping to do a full review of the tablet once I get to grips with it. He also bought me the cutest dog door stop which I actually knew about as I was with him at the time and I just had to have it. As well as this, he bought me a scratch map as I've wanted one for a long time and I'm really happy that he chose the black and gold one because I think it looks so pretty.

Some other little bits Josh bought me includes this pale pink turtle neck jumper from Boohoo which is so nice, some mickey mouse lounge trousers from Primark which I am really enjoying wearing, a minnie moust card holder because well, it;s adorable, a fluffy pillow to add to the hundreds I already have and Dobble. We have recently discovered that I am very competitive when it comes to playing Dobble.

Moving on to presents from other friends and family...

My nan bought me the Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette and I love it, I'm also hoping to do a review on this soon. I love how it's set out and the colours are just right up my street. As well as this, Josh's parents bought me the Vera Wang Princess perfume which I am a big fan of and it just smells so lovely. Then, I picked up some little bits for myself when I was in Bristol with Josh such as this Yankee Candle which smells amazing and this cute cake cutter thing from Tiger.

Some other presents include this lovely Ted Baker set from my friend, Jodie. I love the body mists so this is perfect. As well as this, the gingerbread room spray which I bought myself because well, why wouldn't I want my room to smell like gingerbread? One of my aunts bought me these pug salt and pepper shakers which are adorable but sadly, this is probably the closest I'll get to having my own pug. She also bought me some silver stub earrings too. One of the presents from my Grandparents was this little make up case from B. which I really like as it's perfect for when I want to take less make up but also keep it protected. Also, I have a bit of an obsession with hip flasks(future hip flask collection blog post, maybe?) and my aunt bought this massive hip flask for me which I'm quite the fan of.

So, that's all of the presents that I'll be showing today. I received lots of other bits too which I am very grateful for and thank you so much to everyone that bought me something.

What did you get up to this Christmas?