150 Blog Post Ideas

February 15, 2018
We all know the feeling of being so motivated to write but when it actually gets to putting words down, our minds go blank. I see so many 'blog post ideas' posts but I thought it would be a good idea to create my own, tailor it to my own blogging niche, and hopefully help a couple of people out in the process when they get that oh-so-hated writers block...

So, I sat down and came up with 150 different blog post all days, separated into different sections as you will see below - I'm really hoping that this helps me the next time I can't think of a blog post idea and I hope that you benefit from it too! Let's begin.

- 10 things you probably didn't know about me
- A letter to my future self
- Childhood stories
- Get to know me tags
- My dream job 
- Future aspirations
- Money saving tips
- How to relax after a stressful day
- Monthly favourites
- Sharing my current favourite music
- Interview with another blogger/influencer
- My most recent purchases
- How to motivate yourself
- How do I lay out my bullet journal
- Recreating Pinterest DIYs
- Subscription box reviews
- All time favourite films
- All time favourite TV shows
- Fitness routine 
- Date night ideas
- What constitutes success?
- Festival tips
- What to pack for a festival
- What I got for my birthday/Christmas 
- How can you help someone with mental health
- Breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health
- Advice on panic attacks
- Education and mental health
- Applying for jobs and mental health
- Tips to cope with a bad mental health day
- Coping with exam season and deadlines
- The importance of self care
- Self care on a budget
- Why self care isn't all face masks and baths
- How I practice self care
- Recovery journey
- Things that recovery has taught me
- Why recovery isn't one straight road
- The difference between feeling nervous and anxiety 
- Room tour
- Q&A about your university
- Q&A about your course
- Why I picked my University 
- Things I wish I had known before starting university
- Student meals on a budget
- Pros and cons of being a student
- A day in the life of a university student
- The 5 types of university student
- How to be productive
- Ways to get involved on campus
- Personal statement writing
- Finding a house for your second year
- Pros and cons of halls
- My first university exams
- How I study for exams
- What's in my bag - University edition
- How I utilise my planner to stay organised
- How to deal with 'Freshers Flu'
- Things I definitely didn't need to bring to University
- Freshers survival guide

- Favourite Seasonal lipsticks
- New products review
- First impressions of products
- How to achieve the perfect winged liner
- Make up through the years
- Favourite beauty products of all time
- Make up that you hate
- Make up trends you can never get on board with
- Make up collection
- Product comparisons 
- How I organise my make up
- My Holy Grail skincare items
- Morning skincare routine
- Evening skincare routine
- My favourite facemasks
- How I clean my make up brushes
- How I do my every day make up
- Beauty hacks

- Fashion on a budget
- The importance of accessorizing
- Favourite monthly pieces 
- Hauls
- New in my wardrobe
- £30 outfit challenge
- Wishlist
- Fashion DIYs
- Festival outfit tips
- Must have items
- Finding dupes of designer items
- Dressing for a job interview
- How I organise my wardrobe
- Outfit ideas for school/university
- My favourite gym wear
- Fashion photography tips
- Favourite Instagram fashion accounts

- Travel bucket list
- Most under rated cities
- Most over rated cities
- Best places for a weekend break
- How to save money on holiday
- Travel essentials
- My first time abroad 
- How to pack efficiently
- How to learn a foreign language
- Pros and cons of travelling solo
- Free activities to do in...
 - 50 things not to miss in...
- Planning holidays on a budget
- Hotels vs Airbnb
- 72 hours in...
- Top tips for gap years 
- Favourite restaurants
- Restaurant reviews 
- Meal plan ideas
- How to make...
- My favourite seasonal foods
- Easy snack ideas
- My food diary
- Easy cocktail recipes
- Working around food allergies
- Introducing non-vegan friends to vegan meals
- Lazy go-to meals
- Favourite cook books
- Trying a food subscription box

- Why I started blogging
- My top 5 tips to a new blogger
- Blogger vs Wordpress
- The importance of images in blog posts
- How to engage your audience
- What has blogging taught me
- My favourite things about blogging
- What I hate about blogging
- Blogging goals
- My favourite blogs
- How do I plan my blog posts
- Blog photography tips
- Creating that perfect flatlay
- Favourite props for blog photography
- How I edit my blog photos
- The apps that you need as a blogger
- Using social media to promote your blog
- How to pitch to brands

150 ideas later and I am finished, this has definitely inspired me to create lots more content in the near future and even branch out into areas, such as fashion, that I've never felt completely comfortable in. 

What's your favourite thing to blog about?


  1. These are all such great ideas. I need to write some of them down for inspiration.


    1. Thank you! I hope that they are helpful!

  2. Thanks for sharing these inspiring topic ideas with us! Good headlines are the best way to generate curiosity among the readers, aren't they? A great targeted content provides the readers information that they are able to apply in their daily lives. It's probably the most important criteria, do you agree with me?


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