I'm what you call someone that can never throw anything away. A hoarder, for sure. That's right, I'm the person who still has that pair of shoes from 7 years ago which I know I'll never wear again but can't part with them. As you can imagine, this was a problem for me a couple of months ago when I packed up a great deal of my life into boxes ready to start University. Today, I'm sharing with you the 5 Things You Don't Need To Pack For University.

I like to think of myself as quite an organised person and so, I kept telling everyone that I would only bring what I needed and I would be very minimalist. Alas, that didn't happen and I'm now sat in a very crowded room of all of my things.

5 things you don't need to pack for university
A realistic, average photo of my uni room. Not a Pinterest-worthy room, I'm afraid 
1. High heels: I can't say I'm one for going out to night clubs, or really going out past 9pm in general. However, I thought that maybe when I started university, I'll begin to tolerate night life. Surprise surprise, that didn't happen and I'm yet to go to any night clubs in Exeter. Even if I did decide that I suddenly love overpriced entry fees, awkward dancing and waiting around for taxi's that aren't coming, I certainly wouldn't be doing it in heels. I am at the University of Exeter which means that there are a whole lot of hills and plus, why would I want to struggle when I can walk in the comfort of my Vans? Therefore, I definitely didn't need to bring 3 pairs of heels to university.

2. Potato peeler: Unless you actually enjoy cooking and you know you're going to peel a potato or two, don't bother buying a potato peeler. I was so convinced I would be needing it but I don't think it's ever moved out of the pot I put it in when I first moved here. However, it is one of the cutest pieces of kitchenware that I own so I do not regret purchasing it whatsoever,

3. The majority of my book collection: At first, I was going to take my whole book collection until I realised that it wouldn't fit on the shelves in my room but I still have far too many and all I'm doing is adding to the collection by buying way too many books on Amazon. At the end of the day, I was never going to be able to read all of these books while I'm here so why did I bring them all? Who knows.

4. A Level notes: For some reason, I thought that I would need my old A Level Psychology notes. I didn't. They are now taking up unnecessary space in my already small drawers. Unless you're specifically told to bring something for the start of the course, do not waste the small amount of storage you have in your room on it.

5. Entire wardrobe: I've got to admit, all I've done since being at University is buy more clothes which means there's an even smaller chance of me wearing clothes that I brought with me and believe me, I took everything. My wardrobe at home is empty and I'm here with way too many dresses that I won't wear until Summer and by then, I'll be back at home anyway.

So, that's the 5 Things You Don't Need To Pack For University. What we've learned from this is that I need to start packing more efficiently but let's be honest, I'll probably pack just as much, if not more when I have to move into my second year house.

What item can you not bear to part with?