From the title of this post, you'll know the big news (or if you follow me on any social media) but, on Friday 27th April 2018, Josh proposed and I said yes! It's such a surreal feeling and I'm still a little bit in shock whenever I look at the ring but it's all positive emotions! We've already been asked "So, have you decided on a date yet?" about 9650693 times and I can safely say that we have not as we have decided to get through University first. The massive planner in me is super excited to start wedding planning and I already know that I'm going to be that person with the massive colour coded folder. 

Anyway, in today's post, I wanted to give a little reflection on our relationship. Josh and I got together on the 9th of September 2013 which means that we've been together for about four and a half years now! Josh met me when I was going through my mega emo phase and I've definitely had some interesting appearance choices since then as well. Therefore, I thought I'd give a little photo diary of 2013 to now. I don't know if this is something that people are going to be particularly interested in reading but I thought that it would make for a nice post to look back on! So let's start looking at these interesting photos...

Who would have known that writing "like for a dm" on Twitter could lead to this?

Our first ever photo together. Josh looks about 7, my eyeliner is far too thick and what on earth is that on my head?! Let's not even talk about the eyebrows either. 

Remember when I said I was going through a full blown emo phase when I met Josh? This is another perfect example of that. What made me think "oh yeah let's make my boyfriend of one month have cat whiskers on his face too?!"... surprised he didn't run away then. 2 months into our relationship, Josh let me dye his hair blue and I didn't really have a clue what I was doing and it was supposed to wash out in a week; 3 months later and it was still very much blue. Great way to make good impressions, Lauryn.
My first thought when I look at this photo is that Josh definitely does not look like Josh. This was one of the 'blue hair' Summers which quickly turned to 'green/587239 other colours' hair summer. We just look SO young. 

Not much to say about this photo other than the fact that that doesn't look like my nose. This was also the start of Josh's hair getting ridiculously long. 

Prom. Josh's hair is getting longer, I do not look like that anymore and 5 seconds after that photo, I had basically fallen into the car and nearly messed up my hair - typical Lauryn moments. 

This is peak hair length for Josh. It's nearly as long as mine is at the moment, crazy. That dress was also my 'go to dress' for a good year or so and I've got to say, I'm missing it. I also clearly remember that we had taken that photo just before we went out for an Indian; some things never change. 

My 18th Birthday Party aka the night I fell down a flight of concrete stairs outside before consuming any alcohol, got disgustingly drunk and sat on a gazebo floor for the majority of the night waiting for people to bring me water. Classic. Those shoes were deadly. I am too accident prone. 

Berlin. Our first holiday together. My arm had a bit of a moment when I was using my phone for Google Maps on the way to hotel and it flung my phone to the other side of the road, resulting in my phone being broken before the holiday even started. We also fell asleep when we got to the hotel in the afternoon and woke up at 8pm and we were convinced it was 8am and started getting ready for the day, annoyed that we had slept for so long until I rang my mum and was informed that actually, it was still the evening. Also, the holiday Josh left the backpack with our passports/money/everything in a cafe just before we were about to get on the train and had to run back and get it but hey, not playing the blame game or anything. 

Family party. Lauryn gets drunk once again, has too many shots and looks way too happy in photographs. Josh drives me to McDonald's after the party and doesn't get mad when I decide that I don't want it as soon as he bought it, 10/10 from Josh. 

Italy. The most spontanous of holidays. Little do you know that this photo was taken before I had a full on breakdown which resulted in me video calling my mum still stuck at the top basically saying I'm going to be stuck there forever. It ended in me sliding down - classy as ever. 

The day Josh decided to be a star and take me out to take blog photos. Also during the point that we were having that mini heatwave and I bought way too many clothes. 

The night we got engaged. Actually, this is the morning after it happened but I looked grim when it actually happened so I think I'll keep those photos to myself. We look happy. 

So, we're engaged. Thank you Josh for being my best friend, photographer and general life saver. Can't wait until you get to put up with me every single day.