Over the past year, I have been working hard to find different writing opportunities in order to expand on my skills. It's been difficult but so worth it and having a blog on hand to show potential employers is incredibly useful as you can use it as somewhat of a portfolio for your work. Today, I am going to be sharing my top tips for gaining writing experience.

1. Networking is so important

I always underestimated how important networking is, I just assumed that was something that people said. Over the past few months, I have realised just how vital having contacts in the field you want to go into is because damn, being a creative can be hard sometimes.

2. Make a LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is great for finding opportunities that you otherwise might not have found. Another great way to use LinkedIn is by looking at the experience of the people you have connected with to see how they got to the job role that they are in and how you could try to find similar opportunities in order to succeed. For example, I've often looked at fellow bloggers' LinkedIn accounts to see how they got to a certain stage in their life and it has been really helpful to see the stages they went through to get to a certain writing role. I think that this is so helpful for creative careers because these are still not the ones that are really talked about or supported at school career talks. 

3. Sometimes, it's ok to take on unpaid work

We all need to gain experience, at the end of the day. This year, I have been a student content producer for Unite Students and while this position is unpaid, it has been so worth it as it really has allowed me to develop my skills and have the opportunity to be given feedback by people in the job roles that I would love to be in one day. So, don't let companies exploit you but also, make sure you consider the value of an unpaid opportunity before turning it down because that experience could really help you in the future.

4. Don't be afraid to self-promote

You won't get much in life by sitting around and waiting for opportunities to be handed to you on a plate. Don't be scared to use social media as a platform to promote your work and reach out to relevant people when you can, showcasing your work. This can be so beneficial and I always think that showing that you have confidence in your writing is an advantage.

What are your top tips for gaining writing experience? Let me know!