I may have a few too many eyeshadow palettes, some of which I haven't had the chance to use yet, I may get told far too often that I have too much make up (is there such a thing?), but did this stop me from buying the new Urban Decay Backtalk eyeshadow palette? Absolutely not.

This all-in-one palette is priced at £39.50, the usual price for many of Urban Decay's palettes and while that is quite pricey, I'd say that it's definitely worth it. With 8 eyeshadow shades and 4 blush/highlight shades, you've got everything you need for a perfect glowy look. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about this palette, some people love it and some people say it's one of the worst that they've tried but hey, it's going to be different for everyone. 

I love the overall design of the palette, especially the magnetic mirror which separates the two parts of the palette and well, the overall design is just very aesthetically pleasing. From the magnetic mirror to the palette shades having multiple uses, this is definitely a palette that I plan on travelling with; it's not so big that it will take up loads of room in my bag but it's big enough that the mirror can be used with ease. Plus, while the colours all look quite similar at first glance, you could create so many different looks with just those 8 shades. I think that it is so important that a palette can create looks for both day and night because let's be honest, nobody wants to spend £40 on a palette to only be able to do a certain look with it. 

So, let's talk a little bit more in detail about the eyeshadow shades themselves. When I first opened the palette, the shades that immediately jumped out at me were Shade (a deep fuchsia), Attitude (a metallic red-copper) and Backtalk (a matte rosy mauve) as if you've seen the majority of my make up looks, I tend to go for those types of colours. One thing that I will say is that there could be more variation in colour within the palette; while I said you can create more than one look with it, you won't be able to do anything drastically different to other looks with the same palette as there is a large focus in this palette on warm toned berry shades. All of the colours are beautiful in the palette but I do think that Bare (a light peach) and Curve (a rose shimmer) are far too similar for two colours next to each other in the same palette and the space could have been used for another matte shade. Then, I didn't really expect to like WTF (a reddish brown) and 180 (a metallic brown red) too much as they seemed like pretty standard colours but upon swatching them, I'm a big fan. In summary, I love all of the shades, while I do think that there could be some variation and the only one I'm not really in love with is 3 Sheets as honestly, it's a little boring.

Moving on to the blush/highlight shades, I think I should start with the fact that I don't actually wear blush. I think it looks lovely on other people but I never seem to do it right and it always looks quite ridiculous on me. However, I will just use the blush shades as eyeshadow as I have found that that works really well. The four shades are Cheap Shot (a pink nude), Double Take (a mauve with a slight shimmer), Low Key (a pinky peach) and Party Foul (a light pink shimmer) and at the moment, I think that my favourite is Party Foul because it is such a lovely shimmery highlight. I will definitely be making use of all of these shades because they are all so pretty, but I do think, again, that there could be more variation as they are all very pink toned. 

My first impressions of Urban Decay Backtalk are really good and I look forward to incorporating it into different looks in the future. I will definitely be travelling with it and recommending it, I just wish that there were a few different shades to really mix it up but there's no point on focusing on what isn't there. So, what is in the palette is beautiful and once again, Urban Decay have not disappointed. 

What's your all time favourite eye shadow palette? Let me know!