just go

There's something quite surreal about a PR package arriving at your door from one of your all time favourite companies and I'm still feeling a little confused and overwhelmed all at once but hey, let's talk about Yankee Candle's new Just Go range.

The range includes four of the most amazing scents; Warm Desert Wind, Tropical Jungle, Misty Mountains and Coconut Splash and I was kindly gifted the first three of these. The idea behind these is to explore life outside of your day to day life and escape reality with these scents that are inspired by travel.

Warm Desert Wind* is probably the richest of the scents and while this is a Summer range, I do think that this will be perfect for the colder months too. The smell is a mix of smoked vanilla and patchouli and while there are no hints of cinnamon in this candle, it definitely reminds me of one of those cinnamon candles that I constantly light throughout the whole of the Winter months. Yankee Candle describe this scent as a reminder of open space and distant lands which I completely agree with.

Misty Mountains* is one that I didn't think I would like too much when I first read the product description but upon smelling it, I absolutely love it. Yankee Candle describe it as having undertones of lavender, which I am not usually a fan of but I feel as though the main scent of pine and spearmint makes this really lovely. It smells so fresh and it's one of those candles that you want to light when you've just tidied the house and you want everything to smell clean.

Then, Tropical Jungle* is definitely my favourite out of the three. It's without a doubt the type of scent that I usually go for when buying candles as I love the delightful tropical, fruity mix. The main scents in this candle are lime, papaya nectar and sugarcane and I think that I will definitely be repurchasing this. Also, we all know I'm all about those aesthetically pleasing products and the colour of this candle is just beautiful so I'm a fan.

Overall, I love all of these and I'm looking forward to burning them when I move into my new house within the next couple of weeks.

Do you like candles? What is your favourite scent? Let me know!

*Products marked with an * have been gifted to me by Yankee Candle. However, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.*