I've seen this type of post floating around the blogging and youtube community for a while and I've always really enjoyed them so today, I'm going to be testing Josh on the prices of various beauty products to see how close he gets to the actual price and ultimately, how much he really listens when we go shopping...

boyfriend guesses price of beauty products

Josh's guess: £7
Actual price: £4

Josh actually thought that this one was nearly double the actual price which I am surprised about. Upon first glance, this lipstick can look a little bit cheap but the product itself is really nice, applies well and definitely good quality for something so inexpensive. Josh was aware that the soft matte lip creams from NYX were around £7 and so, he assumed that this would be the same which isn't bad reasoning. 

Josh's guess: £23
Actual price: £15.50

Another one where Josh guessed a little bit too high. He knew Liz Earle can be pretty pricey and he sees me using it so often and assumed it was a popular product that costs a bit more. While £15 is still quite expensive for a toner, I would definitely recommend it as the effect that it has on your skin is amazing. Honestly, I prefer this product more than the famous Cleanse and Polish. 

Josh's guess: £7.95
Actual price: £5.95

Josh thought that it would be around £5-£7 but once again, chose too high. I thought he was going to guess the correct price on this one because of the amount of times that we go to LUSH and I've also converted him to LUSH products but, he is wrong again. 

Josh's guess: £5
Actual price: £3.50

His first guess was £3 but he guessed incorrectly again. Got to say, I thought he would do well with guessing because he comes shopping with me so often but he keeps guessing a little bit too high. 

Josh's guess: £16
Actual price: £17

"I know this one is good, the packaging is nice, you bought it in a nude colour and you like it... £16". So close, but not close enough. I think at this point he's wondering why I spend so much on beauty products but it's all good. 

Josh's guess: £49
Actual price: £50

So close again but just not close enough. At least he's getting better. He reached this conclusion by assuming that it wouldn't be more than a pound per ml which I guess is a pretty good way of assuming the price. 

Josh's guess: £5
Actual price: £5.49

It was kind of inevitable that he'd pretty much get this one as this is the same hair dye I have been using for at least 2 or 3 years now and he's often with me when I buy it. He decided this by saying "well I know it's usually 2 for £9" so I guess he does listen when we go shopping. 

Josh's guess: £4
Actual price: £6

"Gosh, I didn't realise they were so expensive, I thought they were 3 for £10". I wish Josh, I wish. I picked 3 of these up at the beginning of Summer and I absolutely love them. They are so refreshing and smell amazing too. Perfect for those warmer days. 

Josh's guess: £3
Actual price: £2.99

Wow, he actually got one right. Well, 1p off but still. His reasoning was "it's just hairspray, innit?". Not quite. 

Josh's guess: £18
Actual price: £18

And on the last one, he got it exactly right. Josh actually bought this for me for Christmas but I didn't think he would remember how much it was, especially because I'm pretty sure he got it on a deal. I don't think he remembered, I think it was just an educated guess. 

So, he could have done a lot worse, he could have done a lot better. I think it's safe to say that he does listen to me about 70% of the time and that's more than expected so I'm happy with that. Josh's final thoughts are "the little things cost more than you expect and the big things cost less".

How do you think Josh did? Would you be interested in a part two? Let me know!