It's been about 4 months since I moved into my student house for my second year of University and I'm only just getting around to getting this University Room Details post sorted. I posted one of these last year and let's just say, I prefer my room this year a lot more compared to my one in halls. Being in student housing means that it's likely that your house will already be furnished before you move in and sometimes, that furniture just isn't to our taste. I feel as though I was pretty lucky with my room this year and I feel it's so important to decorate a room in a way that makes you want to spend time in there, and I've done exactly that. University can be isolating and so, having a space that feels like your own can really help. Let's talk about my room this year...

university room details 2 justalittlebitoflauryn

My bed is just a standard double and as per usual, all of the bedding is from Primark. I actually bought this duvet cover in the sale for £8 and let's be honest, you can't go wrong with that. My bed tray is potentially one of my most useful purchases of the last year. I picked this up in IKEA last year for £8 and I use it so often, especially when I'm having one of those days where I need to do work but I just can't bring myself to move from my bed to my desk.

Then, my prints and the frames are also from IKEA and altogether, these came to under £10, which is really reasonable. Obviously, in student housing, you're not allowed to drill holes into the walls or anything so this is where command strips have become my best friend. Still kind of terrified about them leaving a massive hole in the wall when I try to take these down at the end of the year because that would be just my luck but yknow.

shelves lauryn justalittlebitoflauryn plants

plants baskets shelves justalittlebitoflauryn

ted baker justalittlebitoflauryn

These shelves are probably one of my favourite parts of the room as I really like how they look. I bought all of the plants and the artificial flowers from IKEA (surprise surprise), alongside the set of 3 wicker baskets. I don't actually have anything in these but I just thought that they looked cute. 

If you couldn't tell already, I have a lot of random stuff so I used the space at the top of the shelves for my pop figures and some books. This is useful at it's not things I need to reach for all of the time but they are still there and not taking up too much room. 

perfume justalittlebitoflauryn

beauty skincare products justalittlebitoflauryn

beauty products justalittlebitoflauryn make up brushes

I wish I could tell you that these products were my complete collection. Unfortunately for my bank account, the 10 drawers next to the chest of drawers is full of makeup and the top drawer of the chest of drawers is full of random products I haven't had the chance to properly try yet. I know this is ridiculous, I know I don't need 4932 The Body Shop shower gels but I have a problem. I also recently bought this other basket from Primark to have my most used palettes on show as my current make up storage solution isn't the most practical and it's easier to have the palettes I reach for most at hand when I need them. All of the baskets are from Primark (I just love a basket ok) and they were between £3 and £5 each.

The top of my make up drawers holds my make up brushes (which desparately need washing), some of my favourite lipsticks, earrings and scrunchies. I'm not going to show what's in my make up drawers because to be honest, we will be here all day but let me know if you want a full make up collection. I also brought these drawers with me and they were not provided with the room.

fireplace justalittlebitoflauryn blankets

justalittlebitoflauryn be kind

I also love how my room has a (very dusty) fireplace as it adds so much character to the room. The mantlepiece holds some Benefit brow products as I liked the box they came in, more cactus plants and my 'everyday' skincare. I don't use all of this on my face everyday but I'm running out of room in the other baskets so it had to go in here. 

The fairy lights are the same as the ones in my room last year and they were from Primark for a couple of pounds. I then have this 'Be Kind' canvas from Primark (again) which was on sale for about £3. On the floor, there's another wicker basket from IKEA which was around £12, and I just use this to store any extra blankets but as you can see, it's a little bit full. On the other side, there's a crushed velvet footstool from the Range which was £11 and it was originally meant to go under my desk but it looked too pretty to not be seen (now using a very impractical upside down bin as a footstool under my desk). On top of this, I have a whiteboard from WHSmith to pretend that I have my life together. 

justalittlebitoflauryn lightboard

Above my wardrobe, I just have a mix of real and artifical cactus plants, a lightboard, a light up pineapple and a clock that I never bothered to change to the right time. There's actually a lot of other random stuff up there too that I need to sort out but let's not get into that.

justalittlebitoflauryn desk area

justalittlebitoflauryn desk area water bottle laptop

justalittlebitoflauryn chair

My desk area. The area where I've had breakdowns, one too many Deliveroo's and a number of attempts to get myself organised. I try to keep this area as clear as possible because else I just get distracted and no work ends up getting done and as I work at home the majority of the time, I need to have a clear work space. This is all pretty self explanatory, I have my computer and Macbook, a wax melt burner, a notebook with another to do list on the go, my water bottle (stay hydrated, kids) and some post it notes because well, I just love a post it note. 

Alongside my desk, I have a set of Alex 5 drawers from IKEA. I bought these myself and brought them with me to Uni as the desk that was provided has absolutely no storage. On top of this, I keep my planner, some pens and usually my water jug. The drawers consist of too many notepads, a whole drawer of candles and my snack drawer. Some would say that keeping a snack drawer right next to your desk isn't the best idea but I beg to differ. 

I also brought my own chair with me to uni and this is just one from IKEA which was around £60. The grey cushion is from Wilko for £6 and the pink palm leave print one is a recent purchase from Primark for £6. 

justalittlebitoflauryn new in rail

justalittlebitoflauryn shoes and wardrobe clothes

Ending on the most extra note ever, the wardrobe, chest of drawers and underbed storage obviously wasn't enough space for my clothes and so, I had to bring a rail with me too. This is kind of a 'new in'/favourites rail and again, one of the best purchases because well, I have too many clothes. Then, under the rail, I have my go to shoes, my Nintendo Switch, my uni backpack and a little basket (just love a basket) for any cables I'm not currently using. I've also just noticed a shirt has fallen under the rail but going to have to deal with that because I'm far too lazy to retake the photo. Next to the rail, I just have some prints, mainly from the lovely Jemma and Paperchase and then I just keep my ringlight bag behind the rail.

So, that's my University room tour! What's your favourite area of your own room?