Hi guys, it's Lauryn! So today, I want to share with you all why I think the education system is so incredibly dysfunctional and why the procedures need to be stopped and thought about before it is too late. 

How many times a day do you hear people dreading going to school? Feeling mentally and physically drained as they drag themselves to each lesson? Staying up too late every night to finish work? All of this is happening far too often and it's ruining the health of today's generation. How are we supposed to be motivated to do well when more often than not we are told that the hard work we put in is not enough and we should be doing more? More needs to be done to raise awareness that the way they expect us to work is not a way to keep our minds full of sanity and happiness. Then, when students are feeling low, it's not like they can have any support in their school as it'll take them months on a counsellor list just for the counsellor to turn round and say "it's just hormones and puberty" YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY ARE NOT BEING TAKEN SERIOUSLY, I DO NOT KNOW WHY THIS IS BUT IT NEEDS TO STOP AND WE NEED TO BE LISTENED TO AND I SPEND SO MUCH OF MY GOD DAMN LIFE TRYING TO SPREAD THIS MESSAGE AND BELIEVE ME, I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL PEOPLE ACKNOWLEDGE THE ISSUES OF THE EDUCATION SYSTEM.

I think that the saddest part about education today is that it's not about the enjoyment of learning new things and sharing them with your fellow peers but it is the ultimate need to pass the exam or to memorise everything you need to for the test; there is no longer any enjoyment, just long nights and stress, This is not how we should be spending "the best years of our lives". I remember when I was in primary school, I could not wait to start at my high school, I thought it would be so fun.. oh how I was wrong. It's not a lie when they say that this education system can drive you to insanity. 

Schools are so focused on the best grades and the funding that they can receive from their students, they turn a blind eye at the idea of someone struggling under the tremendous pressures to achieve all of those A grades. Everyone has their own limits and their aims; do not ever let anyone tell you that what you're proud of isn't enough. If it's enough for you, that's all that matters. Do not let them tell you that you aren't good enough because in 20 years time, none of this will matter. For example, I sat my GCSE exams last year and I can not remember a single thing from my subjects. This is because we aren't learning, it's all just a memory game. 

This goes on to another point, exams are purely a measure of how good your memory is and how much information your brain can retain. Exams are not an accurate measure of intelligence. For me, I found coursework much easier than the exam as you have time to work on it and truly show your ability but now I am doing my A levels and the majority of the new specifications have removed coursework which is a struggle for me and many others. They can not tell us how smart we are by a piece of paper with a letter on. What if I had a bad day? or I was feeling unwell? Is that the grade they are going to label me with forever? 

I see the education system as being very much like a conveyor belt and we, as the students, are the products that are being pushed through with no care or attention. We have a label, which is our grades, shoved upon us then we are thrown away. As long as we give the school good grades, they do not care about our well being. Is that healthy? No. The government needs to stop and think before it makes another stupid decision. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me on laurynmathews2@gmail.com or snapchat: laurynmathewss.
Thank you again and I'll speak to you all in my next post!

- Lauryn Mathews