You never realise how important sleep is to you until you are spending four nights in a tent, being woken up every hour by drunk passers by and freezing to death but oh, it was experience that I would not change. Ok, that's a lie, I would change a few little things...

Hi guys, it's Lauryn! Last weekend, I attended Reading festival and so I'm here today to talk about the highlights and maybe the downfalls of the past couple days. Honestly, they were some of the best days of my life but come on, let's not pretend that it was all perfect. 

Music has always been a very important part of my life and so when I saw the line up for this year, I told myself that there was no way that I was missing out on this. From Fall Out Boy to Modern Baseball, this was THE lineup for me. Over the weekend, Josh and I checked out many bands - some that we have loved for a long time and others that we thought we would just check out as we had some spare time(Die Antwood...I still don't know what to think about them)

Starting off the weekend was the one and only Frank Turner who I have been such a fan of for years now. Him and his band,  The Sleeping Souls, put on such a great performance and really got everyone excited for the rest of the weekend. Even if you don't like his music much, that set sure would have made you smile because you could see how much fun they were all having and let's be honest, that's the most important thing.
My favourite act of the weekend was Red Hot Chili Peppers because their whole set was just insanely good and I enjoyed every part of it. It's so disappointing that the tickets for their tour are incredibly expensive because I would have loved to see them again. If you ever get the chance to see them, I would definitely recommend it.

Although, I noticed a lot over my time at Reading festival just how awful some people were being during mosh pits or just general crowds. Now, I'm quite little so being in the centre of a mosh pit is my idea of pure hell but that didn't stop people from jumping about all over me when I was stood a good distance away from the mosh pitting. Also, during MOBO's set, someone thought it would be a great idea to STAND on me which sent me flying and nearly made me pass out(thanks but no thanks). I'm all for having fun but please be careful of those around you!

One of the best parts of the weekend for me was when the secret set was announced and it was You Me At Six, anyone who knows me knows that these have been my all time favourite band since I was about 12 and to see them again for the 3rd time this weekend after not seeing them for two years - wow! They were announced to play The Pit and oh my goodness, it was packed!! But it was definitely a great experience because in my opinion, they always put on such a good show.

Biffy Clyro ended the weekend with a really great set and even though, I was in an extreme amount of pain during their set, it was a lot of fun and I'm glad that I finally got to see them.
I'm going to give a word of advice now to anyone who is planning on going to their first festival - the bathrooms are disgusting! Take your own toilet paper and lots of sanitiser! You're not going to want to use the bathrooms but believe me, you really have no choice. I would recommend using the bathrooms in the arena if you can because they are usually a bit cleaner. The toilets outside of the arena made me want to throw up to be honest, I don't get how people can be so disgusting!

But don't let minor things like that ruin your weekend because you're there to have fun so enjoy it as much as you can.
If you're interested in who I saw then here you go....
Modern Baseball
Pulled Apart By Horses
Frank Turner
Lewis Del Mar
Milk Teeth
Die Antwoord
Lower Than Atlantis
Deaf Havana
Crossfaith - Such a fun set, not a band that I had listened to a lot of before but I would definitely seen them again.
Beach Slang
Nothing But Thieves
Sunset Sons - I got a free t shirt so that's always nice
(I'm probably missing some)
Food is expensive there. Like, really expensive but you can live on a budget by stocking up on cup a soups and noodles and just dry food beforehand. I limited myself to buying one meal a day for the most part. On the last night, I bought a Thai green chicken curry which was really good and actually relatively well priced for £7 considering the portion. Also, I picked up a super adorable bag at one of the stalls which was reduced down to £5 so I'm very happy with that.

Overall, it was a great weekend. Thanks to Josh and everyone I camped with for making it a lot of fun as well as giving me a ridiculous nickname and I'm definitely planning on going again next year!

See you next time,