Hi guys, it's Lauryn! Today, I'm back with a different type of post which is the eight types of people on trains, I get trains quite a lot as my boyfriend lives three hours away from me and in this time, I've come across many, many types of people...

1. The person who speaks far too loud on their phone. There's always that one person on the train who is speaking far too loudly during a phone call and so, by the end of my journey I have learned everything about them. The other day, I was on a train back to Plymouth from Exeter and for the whole hour, there was a guy pretty much shouting down his phone to his friend about everything in his life(thanks for giving me a headache before work)
2. The overly talkative one. Luckily, I haven't experienced this one too much which is an advantage for me considering holding conversation is just not my forte but there's quite often that person who just doesn't stop talking. You've never met them before, you don't even know their name but by the end of the journey, you seem to know their whole family tree and employment history.

3. The kid that's always hungry. On every train I go on, no matter what time of the day, there always seems to be that one kid(who is incredibly loud) who does nothing but ask for food from their parents and then continue to get their mess everywhere. Then, if they don't get the food they desire then suddenly they will not stop screaming. Pls be quiet, child.
4. The ridiculously loud snorer. There's always one, if you haven't met one then maybe it's you but seriously, I'm glad I carry ear plugs around with me because it gets annoying. Especially, when you're sat right next to them and all you want to do is get up and they won't move because they are sleeping.

 The one that thinks they are so much better than you. I'm not sure if this is just me but I always have people(older than me, of course) giving me such disgusting looks on the trains when I'm merely just sat there and if I move slightly oh god forbid, their head is shaking with such disgust and I'm not entirely sure why.

6. The "Lads on tour". This one isn't all of the time but oh, it's often, especially in these summer months. The big group of guys(or girls) ready to be incredibly drunk and unknowing of what's happening for the next few days. That's great, but maybe you could wait until after you get off the train for your boisterous shouting? No, ok. It was worth a try.
7. The person that's constantly walking up and down the aisle.WHY DO U DO THIS? Ok, I get it if you are actually getting something but seriously, you have walked up and down about 10000 times now, please just sit down.

8. The one person who acts like they are the only one getting off at the stop. Ok, so you're at nearing the end of your journey and you're getting ready to get off of the train when all of a sudden you're greeted with a poking elbow and a really quite infuriating voice that is urging you to get out of the way because "that's my stop". Yes, it's also the stop of probably another 50 people so wait your turn. Silly person.

So, that's the end of today's post! Do you know of any other types of people on trains? Make sure you comment them down below! See you next time,