Hi guys, it's Lauryn! I am going to be doing a series where I talk about my experience with applying to university so that I can keep you all updated but also, as a way to reflect on this time in years to come. At the moment, I have just started A2 and so we are beginning to write our personal statements and decide which universities we would like to go to.
I'm quite a structured person so I visited university open days back in June and July and had some idea of where I would like to apply and which course I would be most interested in doing. I visited Exeter, Southampton and Bristol and I was really hoping that I could apply for all of these but because I didn't do as well as I hoped at AS, I feel as though I may have to apply for more with lower entry requirements - I'm still so annoyed that I got a C in English literature after getting A's all year.
The course that I have decided to apply for at university is psychology because it has always been a big interest of mine and since doing it for A level, my passion for it has become a lot stronger. However, I have made a spreadsheet with different aspects of each university such as entry requirements and such but this is just making me even more confused! I have no idea where I want to apply to...
Well, I do. I really want to go to Bristol to study psychology in education which is a new course for 2017 but in England, you are allowed to apply to up to five courses and so, many people apply for five in order to give them the best chance which is what I plan on doing but I'm seriously struggling to decide which ones! Do you have any suggestions on how to narrow down your options?

Then, there's the personal statement. Oh my goodness... where are you supposed to start?! I have a document full of ideas but I have absolutely no idea how to structure it and how to cut it down to the amount of characters allowed. However, previously I was really worried about writing my personal statement because I was nervous that as I haven't been involved in many extra curricular activities, this would hinder my chances of getting into university but I have found that you don't need to have had to do loads of activities because there's all sorts you can talk about - for example, I've found myself mentioning my blog and my job!

Last week at sixth form, we set up our UCAS accounts and that's when it hit me that it's finally time for me to start applying to university. This is a very weird feeling for me because I've always wanted to go to university and therefore I've been thinking about it for years so it's strange that the time is now here.

Right now, I am finding the process incredibly daunting however I am excited to start planning this next chapter of my life as I am really looking forward to finally having the chance to get out of Plymouth. Although, I do keep having nightmares that every university is going to reject me so that's always fun(not)

I look forward to seeing where this is going to take me...

See you next time,