Theme parks are one of those things that you either love or hate. I was absolutely terrified of them until a few years ago but now, I find them highly enjoyable. Well, after you get over the initial shock of the first ride of the day that is...
Last week, Josh and I took a trip to Thorpe Park to celebrate our 3 year anniversary and it's safe to say that I was not disappointed. As we went in the week that everyone was going back to school, it was not busy at all and so the longest that we had to wait for a ride was about 25 minutes which is great considering the usual waiting time. We started off the day on a ride called X: No Way Out
which Josh said wouldn't be scary at all but the darkness made me feel SO unsafe and also, I felt like I was going to fall off of the ride so no, I didn't really enjoy that. I didn't expect to scream that loud but goodness, I did not like that ride.

We went from one extreme to the other and started queuing for Stealth then - a favourite for many people. While waiting in the queue, we witnessed a girl burst into tears as soon as the ride started which didn't exactly do good for my nerves but I live by "Do things when you get the chance as you might not get them again" so I was not going to miss the chance to go on the ride that I had heard people speak so fondly about. The only thoughts I have about that ride is "wow, that was fast" and the photo afterwards... I didn't know I had that many chins. Lol.

I'm going to be honest here, the only reason I cared for going on The Swarm because of You Me At Six however it actually turned out to be one of my favourite rides even though it felt a lot longer than the others. It was so weird though because I had to take my shoes off as me, being the idiot I am, decided to wear slip on shoes and I didn't really want them flying into the air to never be seen again. So, the whole ride I was worried that someone was going to have taken my shoes and I would have to walk around bare foot. Wow, first world problems.

Today is the day that Josh gave me issues as he says "no, the Saw ride isn't that scary" and "it goes up first". Well Josh, I've got news for you. I did not appreciate it flying downwards at the start of the ride after you told me it goes up first because I was CONVINCED that the ride was broken and I started planning my own funeral. I mean, the ride in itself was actually very good after I had then realised it had not broken and I was not going to die.
Ok so, it would not be a day out if we didn't eat far too much for lunch and feel sick afterwards. That's right, we decided to go to the Pizza and pasta buffet in the middle of the day when we still wanted to go on rides after. Not the best idea we've ever had, I must say. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food for the price as it is something like £11.85 per person for unlimited pizza/pasta/salad and drinks. I probably shouldn't have taken advantage of this as much as I did though because the next few rides ended up with a lot of sick feelings. God damn, Lauryn.

Nemesis Inferno was one of my favourite rides of the day as it didn't freak me out too much and I thought that it was quite fun. This was the ride with the longest queue but we still managed to get on fairly quickly so I didn't mind.

However, I did mind all of the wasps that were hanging around that day. If you know me, you know I hate any type of insect and so to have these wasps very close to me in a crowded queue, well it just wasn't fun. By the end of the day, I felt like I was on wasp patrol because I had my eyes peeled for any of those disgusting things coming my way.

I'm now going to talk about the most pointless yet most inconvenient ride of the day for us which was the Storm Surge. Originally, we didn't plan to go on any water rides therefore we didn't wear proper clothing for them but that wasn't the problem for this ride because all it did was making our feet SOAKING wet. The ride looked fairly fun when you are looking at it but when you are actually on it, I just felt like it was a waste of time because all that was happening was my feet getting too wet. It didn't help that I had serious trouble getting in and out of the boat thing because #ShortPeopleProblems.

I realise that I sound incredibly negative when talking about some aspects of the day. I actually had a lot of fun and I think that it is definitely worth a visit if you are yet to go there. I've been to Alton Towers a couple of times before and I think that Thorpe Park is better just because the atmosphere feels nicer, there's better food and the rides were better in my opinion.

There's one last ride to talk about which is one that I'm still feeling weird from and that is the Zodiac. I thought, yup little family friendly ride to finish the day, no problem and it didn't look too scary at all when we were in the queue, especially because of the overexcited young child in front of us talking about how much he loves this ride so I thought ok, nothing to worry about. All I know is that I was certain I was going to fall out of that ride and I hated how there were no seat belts or harnesses. If you take away the extremely dizzy feeling, it is probably a very fun ride but one that is not for me.

Overall, it was a very great day and a super fun way to spend our anniversary - it's hard to believe that Josh and I have been together for 3 years because I still remember the first time we met and I ran away from him because I was such an awkward bean.

How do you feel about theme parks and what's your favourite ride?

See you next time,