I get trains a lot and in this time, I have a great deal of time to think. I decided it would be fun to write down all of my thoughts on the 3h30 train journey I'm currently doing and see if this makes it into a blog post or whether it's too weird and I'll just be keeping this to myself... I'm quite an anxious person, if you hadn't guessed already and if you didn't, you'll definitely tell by the time this post is over but that's fine. Let's not be afraid to talk about our anxieties.
  1. How loud is that person going to sneeze?
  2. What if I miss my stop?
  3. Lauryn, your stop is the last stop on the train
  4. Damn, the train wifi is awful
  5. How do I have toothpaste on my shoulder?
  6. I wonder how much I'll go to school this week
  7. This Reading festival wristband must be so full of bacteria
  8. What if I get no offers from universities?
  9. I don't even know which universities I want to apply to
  10. Is Castle Cary the place from Mamma Mia?
  11. I love when Lidl add new items to their bakery section
  12. Wow, life was so dull before the Lidl bakery section
  13. Ew, it's Monday tomorrow
  14. I am so unprepared for my party
  15. I really should start writing my personal statement
  16. It's so hard to write about myself
  17. What did I even do with my life before blogging?
  18. I need to go on holiday
  19. The Handmaids tale is such a weird book
  20. Why do I feel so sick?
  21. I wish that I didn't get so travel sick
  22. But the travel sick tablets make me feel even worse so no thank you
  23. I really should socialise more with my pals
  24. I do not want to go to sixth form and work tomorrow
  25. Should probably get a haircut
  26. Should probably do a lot of things really
  27. Birthday in 2 weeks, nice
  28. I am the epitome of exhaustion
  29. I love how quiet this train carriage is
  30. Mozzarella dippers are the one
  31. Christmas is so soon
  32. Why is everyone on Facebook getting pregnant?
  33. Google drive making the world an easier place
  34. Well, it would it it loaded anyway
  35. So much to do when I just want to sleep
  36. So excited to see the Biffy acoustic next month
  37. I'll finally be 18
  38. Still look 12 though
  39. Craving pizza need
  40. I don't appreciate people who criticise a good old margarita pizza
  41. That is an impossible word to spell
  42. Where do I even start with this personal statement?
  43. Life would be nicer if I had longer eyelashes
Looking back on this, I realise that my mind is an incredibly random place, damn. 
What do you think about during long journeys?

See you next time,