Woah, I bet we all forgot I originally started JustALittleBitOfLauryn as a beauty blogger...

Hi guys, it's Lauryn and today I'm back with a review on Sleek's "Solstice" highlighting palette. This is one of those products that I was really unsure on buying because let's be honest, I really didn't need any more highlighters but it's just so pretty and I saw it when I was shopping with Josh and I had a bit of birthday money left and I just couldn't resist...

Firstly, can we just appreciate how pretty the packaging is? The gold mirrored palette, with the Sleek logo, is compact and perfect for travelling but also, looks great in your make up set up. Also, inside the palette there's a mirror which we all know makes any palette 10x better.

This product comes in at £9.99 and considering it includes four different highlights, this is incredibly well priced as the highlights are therefore less than £2.50 each.

This palette would work well with any skin tone to create a lovely, shimmery glow on all of those areas that you want to be highlighted. Let's talk more about the shades...

In the top right of the palette, we have Ecliptic which is the cream highlighter. This is a really lovely light nude with yellow/pink undertones. I think that you could also use it as a cream eye shadow or a base for one of the powder highlights. Apart from the formula, this could be considered a dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hill's Rivera.

Then next to that is Hemisphere which is without a doubt, my favourite overall. This is a pink/purple baked powder highlight which gives a very intense luminous glow. I wore this to a gig(Biffy Clyro acoustic set, 10/10 evening)

The bottom right is Subsolar which is a shimmer powder and is a gorgeous light gold shade that gives you that perfect glow to the skin. If you like that metallic sheen, this is definitely the highlight for you.
Finally, there is Equinox, another that has is a baked powder highlight, which is a beautiful copper shade and has also been classed as a dupe for BECCA's Champagne Pop so instead of spending out at least £50 on the actual product and then shipping to the UK with customs charges, I would definitely recommend this product.

All of these colours are extremely pigmented and I've noticed that there really is not much fall out at all which I was somewhat concerned about at first especially considering this is a mixed formula palette and I did not want the powder to become mixed with the cream highlight. I've got to say that this product is one of my favourite purchases of the year and you should definitely go get your hands on it.

Do you own this palette? What do you think of it? If not, what's your favourite highlight at the moment?