There's something oddly satisfying about documenting your thoughts during a certain situation. You may remember my Thoughts I have during a train journey post and so I thought I would post the thoughts that I have during a day of sixth form.,,

1. Am I actually going to be on time today? Probably not. 
2. How is it only Monday?
3. Ok there definitely isn't heating in this school
4. So much work to do but I'm so tired
5. Oh look, I forgot to bring food yet again
6. Having no friends to talk to sucks
7. Do I regret moving schools?
8. I don't think so
9. I wish it didn't take me an hour to get here
10. Why did I decide to take 3 essay subjects?
11. It's like I was asking for constant wrist pain from all of this writing
12. Bad choice Lauryn, bad choice
13. At least I don't take chemistry anymore
14. Why did I decide to take chemistry A level in the first place?
15. I wonder if my uni application will be sent off today
16. I've been saying that for the past 3 weeks
17. Oh my what if I don't get any uni offers
18. This day is going so slowly
19. I wonder what would happen if I left now and never came back
20. Probably wouldn't be the best plan
21. I wonder how bored teachers get of teaching the same content for 4589945 years
22. Oh wait they probably don't have to because they have changed the god damn specification
24. I hate the education board and this stupid A level spec
25. There should definitely be vending machines in here
26. I'm scared that the lower years are going to trample on me
27. WHY is that 13 year old smoking?
28. I wonder how late the bus will be today
29. I hate buses
30. I probably should learn to drive

What's one of the main thoughts you find yourself having on a day to day basis?