For the past couple of weeks, my inactivity here has most definitely been prominent for a number of reasons really but mainly because I've been trying to finalise my university application to send off and then sit and just hope that some universities love me(fingers crossed...). Anyway, I thought I would come back today with another update about how it's going and remember to let me know how yours is going if you're planning on going to university!

Firstly... I am on draft #594380 of my personal statement because every time I think that I'm nearly done, I want to change something or I feel like something doesn't sound right and wow, people weren't lying when they said that it was an incredibly long process! Although, I think I can safely say that I'm nearly done and I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out...

But then we get on to the even more stressful part, the references. If you aren't aware of how the UCAS application process works, you need to get references from your subject teachers which are then compiled into one reference(I think) from your tutor and despite my constant badgering for these references to be done, they still haven't been.  Like, I'm sorry, do you not want me to get uni offers? Pls hurry up. This just really stresses me out because I'm seeing all of these people on twitter get offers meanwhile I'm sending 4593 emails a day just to get my references. Also, I feel like my life will be a lot calmer when I've sent my application off because I can feel human again and I won't feel so stressed... hopefully.

As well as the references, you get predicted grades which are important because if you get predicted much lower than what the university wants, it's unlikely you're going to get an offer really. I mean, that's just common sense, right? However, some teachers aren't wanting to predict me the grade that I rightfully deserve in case I don't get it then apparently they will get in trouble with the school. I just don't really understand this because even if I did get lower, it's "predicted", nobody is going to know exactly what I'm going to get because a number of things could happen between now and exam period. I'm just stressed that this could possibly jeapordize my chances of getting into university.

I think that the reason for my stress levels being so high is that university has and always will be my only option as its all I've ever wanted to do and the thought of not getting any offers makes me feel a little sick because what on earth would I do with my life then?

So, where am I actually applying?

I've FINALLY decided on my 5 options and these are all to study some type of psychology and I thought that I would just share those with you now...

  1. University of Bristol - Psychology in Education
  2. University of Exeter - Psychology
  3. University of Southampton - Criminology and Psychology
  4. University of Bournemouth - Psychology
  5. University of Chichester - Psychology
So, that's that really. I'm just praying that these universities think that I'm the right kind of person for them and I'll make sure to update you again soon!