So, on Monday my UCAS application was finally sent off after so much hassle with pretty much every aspect of it and having to wait around for weeks for it to be actually sent off! Then on Tuesday, when I was least expecting it, I received an email from Track saying that there has been a change in my application... At first, I was certain it would be a rejection from somewhere as that would be just my luck however it was actually a conditional offer to study psychology at Winchester University!

I'm really happy with this because I was not expecting to get an offer before January let alone the day after and it's taken away a lot of stress which is always good because that god damn application was giving me SO many stress spots, it's unreal. The offer is asking for BBB which I think is doable considering I've actually been predicted AAB...

This has made the whole university thing suddenly very real as I've been wanting to go and study psychology for as long as I can remember and now it's actually happening!

Today, I received a letter from Winchester confirming my offer which again, made it even more real and it's just odd because I still feel about 12 years old. It's strange that this time next year I won't be living in the place that I have lived all of my life!

Then, just a general sixth form update: I have just finished my mock exams which is a relief because now, for the most part, I can relax for Christmas although I really need to start writing my English literature coursework.

Have you applied for university this year? If so, where are you hoping to go? Or if you're already at uni, how are you finding it?