Remember when I said that I would do Blogmas...Well that didn't happen despite my efforts. HOWEVER, I am doing Vlogmas over on my YouTube channel so be sure to check that out here!

Today, I decided to talk all things Christmas presents... on a budget! As you probably know, I quit my job about two months ago so buying gifts this year has been eh interesting to say the least. However, it has taught me a lot more about budgeting and finding the best deals while making the most out of my coupons and vouchers so that's always something. I'm sure that will be useful when I go to university next year. Anyway, let's get on with the post...
HAND WARMERS. Who doesn't want some hand warmers during these cold Winter months? I've seen some that are very inexpensive in Primark, Poundland and many other shops in the last couple of months that I think would make the perfect stocking filler and for one or two pounds, you can't really go wrong.

A PHOTO FRAME WITH YOU AND THE PERSON IN. Ok, so it might all be about Instagram nowadays and you might think "what's the point in developing a photo, nobody is going to be able to like or comment on that?" but this is a really cute gift idea, especially for a family member or best friend. Developing photos nowadays is cheap(Use FreePrints and you only have to pay the delivery price!) and this will mean a lot to somebody as it adds that personalised touch that perhaps gets lost within the consumerism madness of the Christmas season.

CANDLES. This is a perfect present for everyone, apart from that one person who hates candles. There's always one. The good thing about candles is that they range from £1 to like £25...I actually remember seeing a £200 candle somewhere a couple of months ago. Why would you want to burn your money like that?(Get it, burn? lol). My candle obsession is a bit extreme but there's SO many different types therefore one to suit everyone. My favourite places to buy candles are Ikea, Matalan and Primark. Right now, Primark have some Christmas themed candles and they are GREAT!

SOCKS. Remember when you were younger and getting socks at Christmas made you want to cry? Oh, how times have changed. Whether it's fluffy socks, slipper socks or those novelty Christmas ones that will get lost by New Years, socks are an essential. Especially if you have friends and family who are unemployed and poor like me and who forgot to buy the essentials. they will love you forever.

HOMEMADE BAKES. If you don't want to receive a homemade batch of cupcakes or gingerbread at Christmas time, who even are you? This doesn't really apply to me as I can't bake at all but if you can make something without burning your house down, this is a really lovely gift to give to somebody. Just call yourself the next Mary Berry.

How do you save money at Christmas?