Come on, we can't pretend that everything is great about Christmas, as lovely as it is, there's definitely some things that annoy me about it...

1. Mental health during the holidays. The one thing that I really dislike the most about the holiday season is how peoples mental health is almost expected to be shoved under the carpet as they are forced into a whirlwind of false happiness. As much as it is expected to be a cheerful time, your mental health is not just going to take a break, that's not how it works. Do you not think people want their mental health to give them a break for once? Of course they do. Remember to be considerate of everyone around you during the holiday season because you have no idea what they could be struggling with.

2. The overpriced gift guides. Ok so everyone likes reading a gift guide to get inspiration for their friends and families gifts but let's be honest, the stuff these guides are advertising are waaaay out of our price range and instead, we are going to settle for something half the price. I don't know about you but I think that there needs to be some more realistically priced gift guides out there for the people like me who can't afford a £100 make up palette for their best friend.

3. Searching for the end of the cello tape when wrapping gifts. I'm pretty sure I spend more time doing this than finding, buying and wrapping the present. No matter how hard I try not to do it, that end of the tape is going to get lost and cause me a great deal of frustration.

4. Turkey. I'm sorry but who decided that turkey should be the staple meat of a Christmas dinner? There are so many better options and to be quite honest, it's disgusting.

5. People are TOO happy. I'm all for some cheerfulness but please, you are not that happy, please stop faking it because you are hurting my eyes and ears. I'm the type of person who gets annoyed at television adverts because the people on them are unnaturally cheery so to spend a whole month surrounded by somewhat false happiness, it's torture.

6. It's starting earlier and earlier every year. I remember a couple of months ago when I went into the card shop to buy a birthday card and they were already starting to stock Christmas cards etc, it pains me a bit because it's one day and yet it seems to take up nearly the last quarter of the year. I just think that if you're going to celebrate it for over a month, you're going to get bored by the time it's actually Christmas day.

7. Children. I just can't be dealing with horrible, bratty children during the holiday season who expect anything and everything and damn the parents that encourage this terrible behaviour. Take your spoilt kids far away from me before I hit them with a Christmas tree.

Other than that, I quite enjoy Christmas.
What do you hate about the holiday season?