I've always believed that it's good to have goals and things to look forward to and plan so I thought that I'd share part of my bucket list with you all. Honestly, there are so many things that I want to do so this is just a snippet of my list...

- Travel more. I want to go to lots of places but at the moment, I really want to visit America as well as Amsterdam but just everywhere. I hope that Josh and I can book another holiday in the next couple of months because after our holiday to Berlin which you can read about here, I'm really excited to explore more places.

- Get a tattoo. I turned 18 last October and ever since I've been contemplating whether or not to get a tattoo because I definitely want one and I know exactly what I want but I'm so worried about the pain. I keep telling myself that the pain will be worth it for something that I really want but I have the lowest pain tolerance. Decisions, decisions.

- Dye my hair blue again. I've already dyed my hair blue a couple of times as well as various other colours but for a year and a half now, I've just wanted to go back to blue hair however it's so hard to maintain which is expensive and that's what's putting me off. I desperately want blue hair again though.

- Do a make up course and become qualified. Anyone who knows me knows that I have developed an incredibly large passion for make up to the point where my mother literally just messaged me "don't you have enough already?" when I was fretting about not having enough money at university to buy make up. I do family and friends make up but would really like to develop my skills and become qualified, that's something that I definitely want to do.

- Become fitter. As I mentioned in my August goals post, I want to go to the gym more and become fitter so that I feel better about myself. This is an important one for me because I want to do a lot with my life and I don't want to be restricted so my goal is to be able to be more active which I think will help in all aspects of my life.

- Ride in a hot air balloon. This was something I was never particularly fussed about until the other day when I saw a hot air balloon and suddenly decided that yes, this is something that I definitely want to do. There's just something about it that really appeals to me.

- Hold a monkey. I keep seeing people on social media meet and hold all of these wonderful animals and I do really like monkeys so this is something that I would like to do because let's be honest, who wouldn't like to hold an adorable monkey?

- Learn to drive. At the moment, I'm not able to drive because of my eyes and also my reaction times are so slow so I just don't think it would be safe but it is something I would like to learn to do at some point because I'm so tired of relying on loud and busy public transport.

- Learn a new language. I was awful at learning languages at school and I tried so many languages from French to Latin but nothing worked. However, I think that's because the phrases they force you to learn are ridiculous and are never really applicable to real life. At the moment, I'm trying to teach myself Italian and I'm using an app called Duolingo to aid myself in doing so which is actually really helpful!

What is one thing you've always wanted to do?