It's my birthday and I'm finally 19! I use the word finally loosely because while it feels like the past year has gone so quickly since I posted my 18 life lessons in 18 years, it also feels as though I've been this age forever. Anyway, I thought it would be good to document some goals that I want to achieve at the age of 19, in no particular order...

1. Sort out the organization/layout of my blog: At the moment, I like the content of my blog and I like how I utilise this space as a way to convey my emotions and opinions to a wider audience. HOWEVER, I am not happy with how my blog looks and that is definitely something I want to change. I'm potentially looking at finding someone to just sort out the whole layout for me so if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know! This is important to me because I want to feel 100% happy with JustALittleBitOfLauryn as a whole and also I don't want the current basic layout to put people off from working with me.

2. Achieve a good mark in my first year of university: Everyone says that the first year of university doesn't count but it is important to me that I work hard and I achieve a grade that I am happy with because it will increase the likelihood of finding good opportunities to partake in when in second and third year if it is visible that I have had continuous good marks.

3. Travel: I definitely want to visit more places this year and explore different parts of the world. At the moment, Josh and I have a holiday booked to Verona at the beginning of November which I'm really looking forward to and I can't wait to continue to find new places to go to. On a student budget, this isn't the most feasible of goals but it's something that I definitely want to try and do.

4. Lose some weight/get a bit fitter: This is the goal that I constantly feel as though I'm setting myself because a couple of months ago, I did put on a bit of weight which I didn't anticipate and I just want to get rid of it. So, I do hope that I'll be able to motivate myself to eat healthier and start going to the gym more and doing general exercise. I think that the amount of walking that I'm currently doing while living in Exeter will help with that as there are so many hills and I don't really want to use buses to get into town therefore the walking will definitely help me to get a bit more active. I also really need to start wearing my fitbit again because it's always good to track my steps and see if I can beat the amount that I did the day before.

5. Learn how to cook properly: As you may have seen in my last post, I am currently living off of meals such as chicken tikka masala which is obviously going against my whole eating healthier thing but as a poor student, this is the best I can do. I hope to learn how to cook more and incorporate different ingredients into my food because right now, my uni diet is getting incredibly repetitive.

6. Get better at chess: I really do enjoy chess and I recently joined the chess society at Exeter so I hope that my skills will expand and I'll become much better than I currently am. My motivation for this is to stop Josh from having such a smug face when he always beats me.

7. Learn how to save money: Let's be honest, there's not a great deal of money available that I can save right now but I do want to start convincing myself to perhaps not buy that eyeshadow palette or that meal out and instead, put the money in my savings account. Again, not too sure how that's going to go but I'll definitely attempt it.

8. Get to a 5-star restaurant on Cook Serve Delicious: My favourite game which people always give me strange looks for but I need to get to 5 stars and that's all there really is to say about that.

9. Work on my conversation skills: To be fair, I think my conversation skills are slowly improving but I am still incredibly nervous when talking to people I'm not too close to for more than a couple of minutes. I want to work on making myself able to get through longer conversations which is perhaps slowly getting easier as I've been speaking to a lot of people at university but there's still a lot of room for work to be done.

10. Learn how to swim properly: Yes, I am 19 and unable to swim normally. My overwhelming fear of drowning explains that one. I know exactly how to swim but as soon as my mind remembers my feet are not on the floor, I'm suddenly a choking, embarassing mess. So basically, this isn't learn to swim, it's learn to control my mind and convince myself that I'm not going to drown.

11. Read more: I have so many books that I want to read but what feels like no time to read them. I feel as though I should allocate time each week to sit down and read because it's something that I've always enjoyed but I never get round to actually doing it.

12. Take better care of my hair: I go through stages with my hair purely because it's quite annoying but I need to encourage myself to get regular haircuts as when it gets long and thick, it infuriates me greatly so I've decided it's much better at a shorter length. I want to keep up to date with my hair masks and make sure that it stays in good condition, despite the amount of times that it is dyed.

13. Attempt bullet journalling: This is something that I have wanted to try for a while but never been completely sure if it's something that would suit my way of organization. I hope to try it soon and perhaps make blog posts about how I'm finding it. As I said, it's something that I'm really unsure about but still intigrued to try.

14. Start up my YouTube channel again: For a couple of months last year, I created a couple of YouTube videos before life got in the way and I completely stopped. I have a few video ideas and would love to get back into it so maybe this is the year that I do? If anyone is interested, this was my last video before stopping entirely. (I actually just watched that video back and cringed so much but hey, at least I tried right?)

15. Try different styles of art: I do really enjoy art and for those of you that know my little "business" Lauryn Does Art, you may see that I tend to stick to the same painting and drawing styles. Well, I want that to change. I've always been an incredibly creative person but also, a perfectionist. It's pretty much the worst combination because I hate trying new things in fear that they won't go perfect the first time. Oh the joys of not being able to cope with failure. Anyway, this year I want to get past this and hopefully try to create some new and exciting art which is different to anything that I've created before.

16. Expand my make up skills: I'm fairly certain I spoke about this in my bucket list post a couple of months ago but as it's something I'm passionate about, why not mention it again? I want to increase my skills in make up artistry and find more people to practice on. I've been thinking about making an Instagram page to share my make up looks and I hope that this is something that I eventually do.

17. Reach 70,000 page views: I'm aware that blog views and numbers aren't everything but it's still pleasant to see the number of people reading your blog and engaging with it increasing because it shows that people enjoy your content.

18. Change my blog to self hosted: This is something I've been wanting to do for the majority of 2017 but something that I've been quite scared to do. Again, I think this is something that I'm going to need help with so if anyone knows of anyone that is good at this stuff, please let me know!

19. Improve my photography: Again, this is something that I'm passionate about but something that I just don't get to do enough. I hope that this year I will develop my skills and take more photos that I'm proud of.

So, that's my 19 goals which I would like to achieve at the age of 19. What are your goals at the moment?