Now that we are getting into the colder months(I say this but we've been having hotter days recently than we had during the summer), it's getting more and more acceptable to go home in the evenings and do nothing but watch Netflix in bed which is reason enough to love the Autumn/Winter seasons. However, we have all had that problem when we get comfortable ready to watch Netflix and can't actually find a single thing to watch and you realise you've actually spent the past two hours just scrolling through and now you're ready to go to sleep so what was the point? Therefore, I thought that I would compile a list of some of my favourites from Netflix in hope that it'll be useful for those of you who want to watch something without having to spend half of the evening searching... There's no particular genre here, just things that I've enjoyed and would definitely recommend!

1. Pretty Little Liars: Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of PLL and although I was mad at the ending, I still love it and would recommend it to anyone. There's so many plot twists though and you will inevitably get confused about what's happened previously but it's so good!

2. Riverdale: (It's not long at all until season 2 comes out and I am so excited) I can't imagine someone not liking Riverdale, the storyline is incredible and the characters are incredibly well developed. 

3. Stranger Things: I'm fairly certain season 2 comes out of this too soon! When Josh mentioned this show, I never really expected myself to like it as it definitely didn't seem like my thing but it's one of my favourite shows. I think that this is a really good show for people of so many ages.

4. Gossip Girl: Automatically, you would assume that this show is for the females here but I know plenty of guys who have thoroughly enjoyed Gossip Girl so don't knock it before you try it! This is perfect for those evenings where you want to watch about 10 hours of something and be intrigued the whole time without getting bored.

5. Gilmore Girls: Despite the fact that I still haven't finished watching this, I love what I've watched and heard so many people enjoy it too. However, A Year In The Life apparently was a bit average so I'm not sure how keen I'm going to be to watch that.

6. Gavin and Stacey: I would be incredibly surprised if someone who lives in the UK told me that they have never watched this absolute comedy gold. Definitely one of my all time favourites and I have no regrets in watching the Christmas special all year round.

7. Orange Is The New Black: Another thing that I never really expected myself to like but it became one of my favourites very quickly. It's one of those shows that really does get you hooked with so much going on that you become truly emotionally invested in the characters.

8. Skins: I can't believe that this is so far down my list because who doesn't like Skins? You could watch it 49494 times(I probably have tbh) and it's still so good.

9. Prison Break: I haven't actually started watching the new season yet but I'm contemplating watching it from the beginning again because Josh and I really enjoyed all of this and I didn't really think there were any boring parts like you get in a lot of shows.

10. Bates Motel: Honestly, this is one of the weirdest things I've ever watched and a lot of the time, I would finish an episode like "what on earth did I just watch?" but it's one of those that even though it's so odd, you can't stop yourself from watching it. I did find myself often getting frustrated during it but I still really enjoyed it.

11. Daredevil: I actually really enjoyed all of the Netflix Marvel originals but I think that this one was my favourite because it was incredibly intriguing while also quite comical at times.

12. Anything Jack Whitehall: Honestly, just a massive Jack Whitehall fan so can't choose a particular show but if you want something funny, this is your best bet. We recently finished watching his Travels With My Father which was one of my favourite things that I've watched this year. Also, Bad Education and the Bad Education movie are ones I've watched many, many times but they never seem to get old.

What's your favourite shows on Netflix?