A couple of days ago it still felt like Summer but since October started, I suddenly feel so ready for Autumn months because they are one of my favourites. That's why I decided to write a slightly more chilled post today and talk about all of the reasons why I love Autumn...

1. The cold. Ok no that probably sounds really weird because everyone who knows me knows that I actually hate the cold but I do prefer it more than heat. During Autumn, you are much less likely to experience ridiculously hot days and that's what I live for. The heat is just not something that I can handle.

2. Scarves. I'm definitely that person who has go to scarves that they actually look forward to wearing when it hits the colder months and the other day, I bought a new scarf which will match a pink coat I bought perfectly and I'm so excited. Not only do scarves make your outfit look slightly less boring but so warm and cosy which just makes it worth it really.

3. Colours. Orange, yellow, reds... so lovely. Orange is my favourite colour so I love having even more of an excuse to wear it and incorporate the colour in my day to day outfits. Autumnal colours are definitely my favourite and ones that I feel match my personality the best.

4. Make up. I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I only wear autumnal make up during Autumn because that would be a lie, have a look through my Instagram and you'll see me wearing orange-gold styles all through Summer but I couldn't not mention how much I enjoy these colours for make up here.

5. So close to Christmas. Once my birthday is over, Christmas is the next big thing and that's reason enough to be excited. I've actually already started Christmas shopping this year so I'm feeling super organised and can't wait for everything to soon become more festive.

What's your favourite thing about Autumn?