I thought that last weeks was going to be a bit of a one off but turns out that I actually enjoy doing these weekly posts about what's been going on so maybe it'll become more of a regular thing. Anyway, let's discuss the week I've had...

Well, it was my second week of my course and it isn't getting any easier. There's so much work that I'm constantly busy but what do I do to make this better for myself? Join in the challenge of Blogtober whereby I'm posting every day in October as well as writing for the university newspaper, definitely not making things easy for myself. I have a clinical psychology essay due in just over a week which is 50% of the module so I'm just a little bit stressed about that obviously and somehow, I've forgotten how to structure an essay.

On a more positive note, it was my birthday on Monday and I'm now 19! You can read about the 19 goals that I want to accomplish at this age here but I just think that it's so strange that this was my last birthday as a teenager and it's hard to imagine being 20 next year because let's be honest, I still look about 14.

I can tell that from here on it's going to be a bit of a ramble so be prepared for that but I'm just going to sum up some of the things from this week that particularly stick out in my mind like the fact that ever since I moved here, I've burned myself about 20 times!! Now, it's no secret that I'm the most accident prone person on this earth but seriously, it's getting a bit ridiculous now. For example, the other day I was draining my pasta(lol student life) and missed the colander completely and ended up pouring boiling hot water all over my hand. I also do not trust myself to go into Spoons at the moment because I keep dropping or spilling my drinks whenever I go in there; maybe I'm just cursed by Strongbow dark fruit but it's getting a bit ridiculous now. Especially when half the time it doesn't drop on the floor, it just slips out of my hand and makes me absolutely soaking. Oh and let's not forget one night earlier in the week when I was trying to cook my dinner and literally everything was falling out of my kitchen cupboards... my cutlery fell all over the floor meaning I had to spend more time washing it all up, pots of pesto flying everywhere... absolutely disastrous.

In regards to social aspects of my life at the moment, I've met quite a few people this week and managed to have conversations without being incredibly awkward so I guess that we are getting there in that respect.

Although, I did have an absolute mare last night and pretty much the whole of yesterday. It was definitely one of those days where everything was going wrong and I couldn't even just go to sleep because I had SO much to do. So I thought yeah let's order myself a Gourmet Burger Kitchen from Deliveroo to cheer myself up and because our oven is still broken(haven't used the oven at all since I moved in but as soon as freezer food is the only thing I have, it decides to break), I had a unidays discount so it made it a bit better IF DELIVEROO DIDN'T CRASH AND PROCESS MY ORDER WITHOUT THE DISCOUNT. (I love how that's in capitals but causing myself numerous burns isn't, shows my priorities in life) I was acting reeling like full on wanting to scream at this point, Deliveroo actually put a voucher in my account once I emailed them but I can't even look at my bank account right now because seeing the £18 come out for a single meal will destroy me. Absolutely loving life, can't you tell?

My shower isn't draining either so every shower is a "Is this going to be the time that I flood the bathroom?" experience. Other than that, things are going well. I'm writing this before I have a five hour train journey to Brighton to stay with Josh for a couple of days so I'm sure that will be eventful. Throwback to the time it took me nearly 8 hours to get back because of train problems. I just really don't have good travel experiences.

Ending on a positive note, I ordered myself the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume because treat yourself and all that and it's definitely one of my favourite purchases of the year thus far.

What has been happening in your week? (Also, so surprised that I'm on the 6th day of Blogtober)