Oh look, Lauryn comes back after three weeks away from blogging, pretending like she's been here all of this time, yet again...

So, I have just finished week 6 of living in Exeter therefore, I thought that a little update as to what is happening would be useful if anyone is curious about what I've been up to (lol, probably not), what being a student at the University of Exeter is like or what psychology as a whole is like at degree level orrrr you might just be procrastinating which in that case, snap. 
Starting with the whole "being a student" thing, I have discovered that I hate washing up and I feel like I'm spending my whole life doing it but I would definitely recommend a Dishmatic brush(not sponsored but omg, how fun would that be) because it is one of the most useful things I've bought since I've lived here and I literally tell everyone about it. You can get them in places like Wilko for £1.50-£2 and you can also purchase them in pink!! So student hack #1: buy a Dishmatic brush so you can wash your dishes without losing the will to live quite as much. Also student hack #2: buy paper plates and plastic cutlery! If you're as lazy as me, this will quite possibly save you. Also, washing your clothes is so expensive! For one wash and dry in my accommodation, it's £4.70 which is the same price pretty much as going home and washing my clothes at my house so you know which one I've been doing.
Ironically, this isn't even where I love but oh well, Brighton is pretty
I'm studying BSc Psychology which is a three year course and in my first term, I am taking 5 modules(statistics, behaviour and evolution, clinical, social and research methods) which when looking at it like that, doesn't sound like too much. Psychology is one of those in the middle degrees where there aren't loads of contact hours but it's not a two day a week type deal either. So, we usually have about 10-12 hours a week and then a whole lot of work outside of that but it's not the lectures that are the problem, it's those hills, but we will come back to that later. I'm quite enjoying the course as a whole, I've already had one essay which is 50% of my clinical module which has been submitted now and I'm now working on a practical report for research methods and an essay on animal behaviour. There's a lot of information to take in so student hack #3: actually make notes and consolidate your learning. I know that everyone says first year doesn't matter but when you're looking for internships or placements during second year, it's a no brainer that companies will prefer someone who got say a 2:1 at the end of first year compared to someone who perhaps barely passed. I think that for a lot of people taking psychology who didn't do maths at A level or aren't particularly mathsy(obviously a word), including myself, were very nervous about the statistics module but it's actually one of the ones that I'm feeling most comfortable with right now, surprisingly! I've got to admit, the first time I see a new formula, I have a sense of panic but once you've looked at it and broken it all down, it's really not bad at all and there's loads of support available so if you're considering psychology, definitely don't let that put you off! On another note, many of the module lectures on my course are recorded which is so helpful and student hack #4: if you miss the lecture, catch up asap and watch the lecture back because of how fast paced it is, it'd be easy to fall behind. The way that I ensure I'm all caught up on lectures etc each week is to sit down at the end of the week, look at my timetable and check that I have all necessary notes for each lecture that I had the past week, in the correct place, with the correct title so I know that when I come to revise, it'll be so much easier to find what I'm looking for. So, student hack #5: find a way that suits you to stay organised. 

On to what I've been up to, I had my first piece published in Exeposé which is the university newspaper where I spoke about drinking pressures and doing what you want to do to make you feel ok, in light of World Mental Health Day earlier this month. It was quite pleasant seeing my writing printed in a newspaper and I can't wait to write more. I'm also quite impressed with myself regarding how much I've socialised, obviously I'm not suddenly a social butterfly but it's still a lot more than I'm used to so that's always good. 

I'm currently writing this during reading week so I'm sat in Joshs uni room in Brighton trying to get a million and one things done, including planning our trip to Italy! So, we fly on Thursday the 2nd of November and I'm really looking forward to it! I'm actually planning on making a YouTube video of our time there with my awful editing skills so be ready for that! This holiday has really helped me get through the first 6 weeks of university so student hack #6: plan something to look forward to when things get stressful. 

For me, uni life definitely isn't going out and getting drunk every night but nobody expected that anyway. Luckily, I've made friends that understand that some things really do not make me feel comfortable and I am grateful for that. Next step: Tackle those god damn hills.

How's your week been?