I'm struggling to believe that 2017 is pretty much over and I was planning this post, I realised that so much has actually happened this year and it's just been one of those years where my life has changed completely. I often do round up posts of weeks and months but I decided to create a (inevitably very long) overview of what has happened in 2017. Soon, my goals and plans for 2018 post will be out which will lead on from this as I talk about what I want to achieve in the next year and what has worked out fairly well for me this year, so I'll keep that the same. Anyway, grab a drink and a snack because this is going to be one long post...

I've decided to split the post up into segments rather than talk about everything in chronological order because I just feel like it'll flow better like that (hopefully).


This year has definitely been one of the most important for me, education wise. So, the year started off with me in my second year of A Levels. At the beginning of the year, I had finally received 5/5 offers for university but my A Levels themselves weren't getting any easier. I had my heart set on Exeter and I honestly believed I had no chance of getting there. In 2016, I had achieved BBC in my AS levels which at the time, I wasn't happy with at all but looking back on it, it is actually pretty good and I should have been proud of myself then. I spent many months doing about 10 hours revision a day and reflecting on it, maybe I pushed myself too hard but I did end up getting A*AB in my A Levels even if the exams made me feel as though I had failed them all and I would be retaking A Levels. I remember staying up most of the night before results day back in August and then checking UCAS in the morning to see that I had got into Exeter and I nearly fainted, I was so shocked. The shock continued when I got to sixth form and I saw my grades because honestly, those exams were awful and I do not miss A Levels one bit.

Fast forward to now and it's crazy that I'm about to sit my first exams at university, I've already had 3 assignments and consistently achieved 2:1 and first term is over. The course is going well and I think that I'm coping with all of the work but it does get incredibly full on sometimes.

Moving to Exeter/University life:

So, let's now rewind back to Saturday 16th of September when it took me far too long to move all of my belongings into the smaller than expected room of my student accommodation. I can still remember the mixture of nerves and excitement I felt on that day as I realised that it was the first day of what I had been looking forward to for years. It's been up and down, to say the least. First term has been very eventful, very full on and I'm glad it's over because I hope that next term, I will have more of a clue about what I'm doing. I feel as though now I know who my real friends are, I'm aware of the type of people I get on well with and it just feels a bit more stable than it did a couple of weeks ago.

One of my biggest regrets is not getting involved more with societies. I am writing for Exepose and now The Razz magazine but I was hoping to go to more socials and get to meet more people with similar interests but hey, I can always do that next term. I am proud of myself for getting stuck in with my writing and making time for it alongside my degree.

This term, we secured a second year house in a perfect location and I'm going to be living with four lovely girls and I'm so excited to move in because in all honestly, I just really don't enjoy living in halls.

I do want to make a whole post about moving out and living by myself at some point but in brief, I think I've managed pretty well. I do want to learn how to cook a bit more but I've only eaten packet noodles once since being at university and ironically, that's the only meal that I messed up (throwback to freshers week when I had no idea what I was doing) (Let's not forget I didn't start using the oven until over a month into term and so, I was just living off of pasta because I didn't trust the oven). Living by myself isn't bad, even though it's not technically by myself because I live with five other people but it can get pretty isolating, especially those rare weekends that I actually stay in Exeter because I go days barely seeing anyone so that's not the greatest. In short, university life could be a lot worse and I think that I definitely made the right decision to go to Exeter.

Family, friends and my relationship:

Starting off with my relationship with Josh, we celebrated our four year anniversary this year and this New Years is the fifth that we are spending together which is just crazy and it's still hard to believe that we've actually been together for four years. We made a big step this year and decided that when Josh finishes uni in 2019, we are going to live together in Exeter for my third year. I'm really looking forward to that as a lot of you probably know, we are still technically in a long distance relationship with our home homes being 3 hours apart and our universities being 4-5 hours apart so it's going to be weird spending every day with him but I'm really looking forward to it. Especially considering at this point, we will have been together for pretty much 6 years. Obviously, there's still a while to wait but time goes so quickly, I'm sure it'll be here in no time!

Onto friends, my closest friends have been the same people for years and years, you know who you are but this year, I have also had the chance to meet lots of great new people who I now also class as my close friends now. It was inevitable that I would meet new people at university, but I'm proud of myself and how I've managed to meet up with new people and make friends because a couple of years ago, maybe even last year, I never would have been able to do this. In a not as positive light, this year has taught me a lot about "friends" and people who I just don't really want to associate myself with which I must admit, has caused me quite a lot of stress but I now feel relieved that I managed to get myself out of those situations.

There's not much to say regarding family other than this year has taught me that I do have the ability to stick up for myself and I'm going to be doing exactly that from now on. Moving on, sadly, this August my Uncle passed away which was a shock to all of us. I was given the responsibility to create the order of service for the funeral as well as finalising the eulogy which was a big responsibility, to say the least but I am so glad that everyone felt it was done correctly and I'm also glad that I was able to contribute in this way.


I'm not going to focus on this much as it's coming up to 2 years of JustALittleBitOfLauryn so I don't want to end up repeating myself in that post but I feel as though I've come pretty far this year. Blog views definitely aren't everything to me but I'm now at 42000+ page views which still shocks me every day because I just still can't believe that so many of you are interested in my ramblings but it's so so great to see my blog improving and progressing.

I've learned so much about blogging this year and I'm looking forward to learning even more in the years to come. I finally decided to go self hosted and I'm just feeling a lot more positive about blogging, I've even started scheduling posts for 2018 and actually having a blogging schedule which is making it so much easier. I never thought that I would be one to have a blogging schedule but 2018 is the year I want to make my blog bigger than ever, which I will discuss in my 2 years of JustALittleBitOfLauryn post at the beginning of January when I talk about my action plan of sorts and the exciting things that I'm planning on doing this year.

Like I said, I don't want to go into too much detail now but I'm really proud of the way my blog has come together this year and I look forward to working on it even more in the new year.

Holidays and trips:

So, Josh and I were lucky enough to go on two holidays together this year; one that was planned to every last detail and one that was a bit (incredibly) spontaneous but they were both great. So, back in June, a couple of days after exams, we went to Berlin which was really enjoyable, we did all of the touristy stuff and one of my favourite parts was definitely the Berlin Zoo. We also went up the TV tower and it was great to see the city from above. I would definitely recommend Berlin as a city break destination, especially because the transport links were so good that we actually stayed in a hotel quite a bit out of the way of the central but a 30 minute train ride each day got us there with no problems whatsoever, which ended up cheaper than booking a hotel right in the centre because yknow, student budget.

Then, Josh and I also took a bit of a spontaneous trip to Verona, Milan and Venice back in the beginning of November. We stayed in an airbnb in Verona which was really nice and perfect size for two. This also allowed us to save a lot more money with a supermarket so close by, we had the option to cook some meals rather than eat out to budget our money efficiently. I would definitely recommend all of these places for a holiday because they are all so beautiful and there's so much to see and do. I hope to definitely visit Italy again at some point in the future.

As well as these holidays, I have also taken a few trips to places around the country this year such as shopping trips to Bristol, Winter Wonderland in London and going to Brighton and Reading to visit Josh. Also, my family and I took a trip to Longleat back in May which was good fun and I'm definitely going to try and convince Josh to take me again at some point in 2018.


Overall, I would say this year has been one of those meh years. I've achieved a lot and I'm completely aware of that but equally, I feel like I haven't achieved enough. For example, I haven't lost the weight I was hoping to lose and I haven't done as much at uni as I was hoping to but this is something to work on in 2018. I would say that it's just been quite stressful as this year has been so full on and I feel like I've constantly been doing something but it's not like I can say next year will be calmer because I can already tell that it won't. I do like being busy but I do need to remember to take a break sometimes.

Happy New Year to you all! How do you feel about your 2017?