It's Blogmas day 6 and it's time for a bit of a chatty post to talk about how December is going so far. Right now, I'm sat looking at it snowing outside so it feels a lot more Christmassy than it did 12 hours ago but it's hard to feel completely festive when I have so much work to do for uni.Nevertheless, Christmas should be good this year as we won't be spending it in hospital again and I haven't been home for a month now so it'll be good to be reunited with my dog. Also, I had all of my Christmas present wrapped and ready to go from the middle of November so it's nice to not have to worry about that at all. However, the next mission is working out how I'm getting them all back to Plymouth next weekend without destroying any of the ribbons and gift tags... will definitely be an interesting experience.

So, last night I spontaneously decided to go self hosted and now I don't have the annoying on the end of my link and I'm just which is good because I've wanted to do it for a while. However, I thought that it would be a lot more costly/time consuming than it actually was so I kept putting it off but it was actually so easy and didn't take me much time at all.

Earlier in the week, I had my Christmas ball for Psychology Society at the Mercure Rougemont Hotel in Exeter. It was a nice evening, the food was good and it was pleasant to be able to get dressed up properly. It wasn't exactly my sort of thing so I'm not going to sit here and say that I had the best time ever but it was ok. One of the main things it makes me remember is how good the taxi services are in Exeter compared to Plymouth. Also, I'm still not over having to pay £8.70 for a double vodka and coke, that just felt way too pricey. The place was nicely decorated though and the committee definitely did a good job at organising it.

I've also started to apply for part time jobs because my student budget does not allow for all of the things that I want to do but I feel like I'll properly start looking when term 2 begins. The thought of getting a job kind of terrifies me after my last few unpleasant experiences in part time jobs but hopefully this will be better, fingers crossed.

As well as this, I recently signed up to start writing on The Razz Magazine in Exeter which I am excited for. I have a deadline for my first piece in the next couple of weeks and I'm looking forward to getting involved in more. This, as well as writing for the Exepose newspaper, is definitely providing me with lots of good opportunities that I just couldn't find in Plymouth.
It's hard to believe that I've nearly finished term one at university, it feels like only yesterday I did 30 trips from the van to my new room with my obscene amount of stuff but equally, it feels like I've been there so much longer. I want to do a post on my first term of university as a whole so I'm not going to go into too much detail now but it's been an interesting one. I think for the most part, I've settled into Exeter now and discovered who my real friends are and it's going to be so strange to go home for 3 weeks and not see people that I spend every day with.

However, I've planned to meet up with quite a few friends while I'm back in Plymouth, including the lovely Jemma from Dorkface, so it'll be good to catch up with those. I do have to revise for January exams which I am not looking forward to whatsoever, especially my statistics exam because wow, I am not good at maths.

This isn't exactly December but we recently secured our second year house and it is really nice, not like a typical student house at all. I'm going to be living with four other girls who I get on with really well and we are all looking forward to living there next year. I'm contemplating doing a post on the pros and cons of student halls because sometimes I regret choosing halls but equally, I definitely wouldn't have met as many people if I went into a house straight away so it's an interesting situation to say the least.

What have you been up to so far this month?