It's Blogmas day 10 and this definitely isn't Blogmas related but I thought I'd share an overview about finishing my first term at university because HOW have I been here for three months already?! Time is going so quickly, I feel like I've lived here so much longer but equally, I feel like I've only just moved in, such a strange feeling...

Anyway, I feel like I've definitely come a long way in three months considering at the beginning of Freshers, I was terrified of talking to new people and going out to do new things but I've definitely become a lot more confident with this which I think is a key part of university. It throws you in at the deep end, but I do think that's beneficial because else I wouldn't have met half of the people who I now class as good friends. My social circle has expanded a lot since being in Exeter which is good because I rarely socialised back in Plymouth. The friends I have made are absolutely lovely, I'm grateful for all of them but it's going to be so weird not seeing everybody for three weeks now.

I do enjoy Exeter as a place as I'm a close enough walk to town, the hills are still killing me daily but I'm close enough to campus and I'm right next to the train station which is useful. I definitely prefer shopping in Exeter because I feel like there's a much wider variety of shops than in Plymouth and it's so nice to never have to get buses anymore, especially considering I was getting 4-5 a day back in sixth form.

Right, on to my actual degree, the reason I'm here, it's definitely something. It's a really good degree and I'm glad that I chose it but it's definitely difficult at times. If anyone is not aware, I'm doing the BSc Psychology course at the University of Exeter because I've always really enjoyed psychology. Since I started, I've had three coursework deadlines, two of which I have received my mark back for so far and I got a 2:1 in both which I was definitely happy with because there's such a jump between A Levels and degree level and the writing style wasn't something I was used to so I'm happy that I seem to be doing fairly well right now. Most of my modules are 50% coursework and 50% exam so I have a couple of exams in January as soon as I get back for Christmas which I'm dreading a bit as I feel like I definitely don't know enough for them so it's going to be a bit of a painful Christmas break doing lots of work in preparation even though everyone is like "it's only first year, you don't need to revise" but we all know how stressed I get about exams so I will definitely be revising.

On to my writing, I started writing for Exepose this term which is the university newspaper and I've already published a couple of articles with them when I am really enjoying doing because it's a bit of a different style to what I do on my own blog so it's fun to branch out. As well as this, I recently joined The Razz magazine which I have my first piece to write already so I'm looking forward to being involved with that. I've also had some other writing opportunities recently but I will not go into details on those now because I'm going to save it for my massive end of 2017 post.

Overall, university is good. There's ups and downs, midnight breakdowns over deadlines but also fun lunches with friends which keep it all a bit calmer. See you next term, Exeter