It's Blogmas day 9 and I'm talking about the downfalls of Winter because let's be honest, it's not just cosy nights in with hot chocolate and Christmas films or festive parties with friends. So, we can all sit here pretending it's great but I'm going to tell you some reasons why at times, I just can not stand Winter...

1. The ice - This is probably one of the biggest ones for me as I'm Lauryn-Scared-Of-Absolutely-Everything. I absolutely despise how icy it can get and it gives me traumatic throwbacks of the amount of times I've slipped over because of it in my life time. The hills in Exeter make this about ten times more anxiety inducing because slipping down one of those massive hills is not something that's on my goals list for the year. 

2. Everything is dark at 3pm - As bloggers, we all say that this is a problem because it's difficult to take photos which I am not denying at all but if it gets dark then, that's when my outside day is ending. Like I said, I'm scared of everything and so I'll avoid going out in the dark if I can. Therefore, this limits the amount of stuff I can actually do in a day and it just gets really annoying. 

3. Everywhere is so busy - Apparently, not everyone buys and wraps all of their presents by the middle of November like I do so December means that it is impossible to go to any shopping centre without there being huge queues of people literally everywhere. It's a nightmare and I love shopping, but even I will try to avoid it. 

4. The cold - I say this while I'm actually really hot right now because I'm ill but seriously, I hate being so cold that I can't move. Also, I am the worst at telling what the weather is going to be like so I'm definitely that person who decides to go out in the freezing cold without a coat but on a fairly warm day, I'll be wearing 10000 layers. There's just no in between, to be honest. 

5. I just want to eat everything - There's something about Winter and the run up to Christmas which just makes me want to eat everything in sight and as someone who has said they are watching what they are eating so many times in the last couple of months, this is seriously annoying. 

6. Going through about 20 tubes of hand cream - The cold seems to make my skin very dry, especially my hands which means I feel like I'm applying hand cream every 5 minutes and I just go through it so quickly in the Winter. 

7. Everyone pretending they are going to change next year - It's just like No Susan, I don't believe you when you say you're going to join the gym in the new year for the fifth year in a row... 

What do you dislike about Winter?