This post probably won't have much of a point to it but I finished my exams on the 13th of January and you may be thinking "Lauryn, that's a Saturday"... you'd be correct, I had the joys of sitting a two hour statistics exam at 9am on a Saturday morning. Fun, right?

Anyway, I thought it would be good to sum up how I feel my exams have gone and just a general overview of the week as I do want to start bringing weekly round ups back but literally all I did this week was sit my exams and revise, not the most exciting thing in the world but last night, I met up with the girls I'm sharing a house with next year which was a lot of fun as always, and it was good to catch up with them again.

On to the exams... for those that don't know, I study BSc Psychology at the University of Exeter and I'm currently in my first year so this was my first set of university exams and I've got to say, they just felt so much weirder than A Level exams and I still haven't worked out why. I had 5 exams this week, one every day other than Thursday which lasted between 1 hour and 2 hours. So, 5 exams means 5 modules; research methods, clinical psychology, animal behaviour and evolution, social psychology and statistics and they were all really quite difficult so I'm not expecting the highest marks for them but I know I tried my best. It's just a bit strange going from loads of essay questions at A level to multiple choice and short answer questions at university, at first I thought that the multiple choice questions would be easier but actually, they can be just as hard because usually the choices are so similar.

The first exam that I sat was research methods and this is one of the ones I was dreading most because research methods just isn't my strong point. Our exam was actually online for this one which I found so strange because I went to the exam room and I just had access to the computer to take the exam on our learning portal type website for the university, it felt quite relaxed but equally incredibly nerve wracking as you know, that's how exam conditions make you feel. I thought I had done well enough on that exam so I clicked submit but I was unaware that it would generate your mark automatically, leading to me receiving a pleasant surprising of finding out I got 90% which is such as improvement from the 55% I got in a practice exam, only a few weeks prior. I came out of that exam feeling quite confident, until I started revising for the next day's exam and realised I knew very little.

My clinical psychology exam definitely wasn't the worst of them all but I still don't think I performed that well, unfortunately. Honestly, this week has been so busy, I don't remember most of the exams now other than the animal behaviour and evolution exam and the social psychology exam making me say goodbye to my hopes of getting a first this year. They were awful. Surprisingly, I bounced back quite well after each exam, much better than I did after a bad exam at A Level anyway.

I sat my statistics exam on Saturday morning  and anyone who knows me knows that statistics and any sort of maths really isn't my strong point, I was really panicked for this exam. However, I went in and I managed to stay relatively calm and I thought I did ok, until I saw that god damn psychology course group chat which made me doubt every single answer I decided to write. There's really nothing I can do about it now though so I focused more on the fact that I had just survived my first university exams.

Considering my stress levels normally during exams, I expected to have a lot more breakdowns this week than I actually did so that's always good, I guess. I feel like this post will be interesting to look back on when I'm in second and third year taking exams to see how my feelings change over time.

I wish I could say that that's the end of the stress for a while but I have a 2000 word report due in on the 22nd and a 2000 word essay due on the 29th so it's going to be another stressful couple of weeks. I'll probably write another post about my first exam results in a couple of weeks when I get them back but for now, let's pretend they don't exist.

Are you a coursework or exam type of person? I'm definitely a coursework person.