I realised that I never actually put up a photo diary from the Venice part of our trip to Italy in November, even though I put up the Milan and Verona ones. Therefore, I thought that it's finally time to share some of my favourite parts of our little trip to Venice...

One thing I realised while in Venice that all of the little bridges look exactly the same and you will inevitably get lost 9528 times...
I know that this is just supposed to be my favourite photos from the trip but all of them seem to be my favourite so far. One of the things that I liked about Venice was the coloured buildings, they definitely matched my aesthetic
I did really want to go on a gondola until I saw the price and I, a poor student, just couldn't justify it which is a shame because it does look really fun
I remember taking this to capture the "we've got incredibly lost and we are exhausted" feeling
This is still one of my favourite photos from the trip and I don't even know why. i just really like the colours, also I remember at this point Joshs look of disappointment as I said I didn't realise how much water actually was in Venice
I remember we went into this hospital/museum place trying to find a bathroom while we were incredibly lost and suddenly, there were loads of cats and it just made my day

I definitely would visit Venice again, but hopefully not get as lost.

Where would you like to go on holiday?