We all want to be good at saving money. We all know how satisfying it is to see the numbers in your savings account slowly go up. But, how do we get to that point where we put our left over money into our savings accounts rather than get a bit carried away on the 'New in' section on ASOS? Don't get me wrong, I'm not at this point yet and I'm hoping that by writing this post, it'll motivate me to save a bit more...

Anyway, here are my top tips on how to be a bit wiser with money in different aspects of life!


No spend days 

This is, without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to save money, in my opinion. I try and have at least one or two no spend days per week which means no Costa hot chocolate between lectures, no late night online shopping and trying not to spend money on travel by walking. This really helps as you'll often find that the thing that makes a dent in your bank account most is those odd £3s and £5s; it's true what they say, Contactless can be dangerous.

Accounting for 20% more

I stumbled upon this idea a couple of months ago and I personally, think it's great. When you're sorting out your finances for the month, act as though there's an extra 20% on your expenses so by the end of the month, you haven't spent as much money as you thought and you can then put the left over amount into your savings!


If you're a student, UNiDAYS will save your life (this isn't sponsored - I wish). You can't really go wrong with discounts on everything from meals out to your latest technology purchase!

Setting a weekly budget

Make yourself aware of exactly how much you have to spend per week. I find that this is most effective when you draw the money out of your account at the start of each week because if you're like me, you're a lot less inclined to spend money if you see the amount physically going down!

Loyalty cards

I'm not afraid to admit that I've been a Tesco Clubcard member since the beginning of my secondary school days nearly 8 years ago! You can get Loyalty cards for so many places and even if you think the small amount of points won't help you, in the long run, they really add up. Plus, it's not like it's something that requires much effort!

Travel and holidays:


It goes without saying that this is one of the best £30s I spend per year. There's not much to say about this other than the fact that if you're often travelling for hours on end like me, this will save you so much money!

The good old incognito browser 

I never browse holidays without being in the incognito browser because, and I'm not a computer expert, I do know that browsing in a normal tab means that the more you look at something, the more the price is going to increase! I realised this when I was booking our holiday to Berlin last year and me being me (a worried traveller), I checked the website 42875 times before booking and the price went up by nearly £100! 


Rather than always staying in hotels, where your only options are to pay to eat in the hotel restaurant or eat out every night, stay in an Airbnb with cooking appliances so you can head to a supermarket and cook food yourself some nights! Josh and I did this when we were in Italy last year and it saved so much money.



So, you're bored of that bag, that denim jacket, or that hat. You want to buy a new one but you know you should save the money. Upcycle! Pinterest ideas on how you can make the item a little bit more 'you'! You could even accessorise these items with some super cute enamel pins, such as these from the Old English Company!

If this is something that interests you, you should definitely check out the Old English Company competition to win a set of enamel pins! To enter, all you have to do is email your favourite enamel pin design from the entire range to hello@oldenglishcompany.com and the winner will be picked at random on the 30th May 2018! It couldn't be any easier.

'Payday' basket

If you can't resist buying those new shoes or that new lipstick altogether, put it in your basket and wait until payday. If you still want it then, buy it and if over the past couple of weeks since you put it in your basket, you've decided you don't actually need it, resist the temptation. This can be a great way of spending your money wisely as sometimes, we all like to impulse buy but if we wait a couple of weeks and reevaluate the purchase, this can help us to save a bit of money. 

Clear out and sell

You might not like that pair of jeans in the back of your cupboard anymore, but that doesn't mean something else won't make use of them. Use websites/apps like Depop to sell your old clothes so that, if it's time to buy some new clothes, it doesn't have such a big impact on your bank account.

What are your best money saving tips? Do you use any of the tips I've mentioned above? Let me know!