This is my fourth Spring in a row where I have been spending the majority of my time revising (or, in my case this year, teaching myself things I've never seen before) and so, I like to think I know a little bit about how to revise effectively! Everyone revises differently so don't be put off if you do the exact opposite to me; if it works for you, then that's great! However, today I'm going to be sharing my top tips for revision and getting yourself ready for the dreaded Exam season...

Wow, great diagram Lauryn

1. Give yourself enough time
This might seem like an obvious one but an unbelievable amount of people every year leave whole chapters/modules until the last minute because they "still have loads of time left". I can safely say that time goes so quickly in the lead up to exams and so, it's vital to plan ahead and organise yourself to ensure that you have time to cover everything without having to stay up until 4am every night!

2. Don't spend all of your time making revision timetables
As tempting as it is to spend 5 hours colour coding the most beautiful revision timetable with exact timings of when you are going to revise each chapter, that's 5 hours that you could be using to actually revise. As I said in the last point, it's important to organise yourself but I, and many people I have spoken to, actually find revision timetables more stressful than they are beneficial as if your plans suddenly change for one day, you're left rearranging the whole timetable. What's my solution for this? To do lists! Make yourself a realistic list of what you want to do each day as I truly believe that it's not the amount of hours that you are doing but how you are spending that time!

3. Avoid scrolling aimlessly through Instagram
This links back to my last point as you could say you've done "10 hours of revision today" but actually, it's a couple of hours with a whole lot of social media scrolling in between every paragraph or you could say that you've done 4 hours of focused work and actually put your phone down. Which one sounds better? To help me to do this, I use an app called Forest which is my exam lifesaver and anyone who knows me will know how much I love this app! It tracks how long you are off of your phone for and lets you grow trees and if you go on your phone, it kills the tree (I have just given a really poor explanation of that but go download it - this is definitely not sponsored lol I wish)

4. Active learning, not just mindlessly flicking through a textbook
So, you've got the knowledge, the notes and you're losing the will to live. What next? Apply your learning and test yourself! It's all well and good reading the same textbook page 75 times but this is not the most effective way to process information. My recommendation is to use Quizlet (again, not sponsored but oh my, imagine) to test yourself and your friends - this website/app has saved my life the past couple of years and I will never stop talking about it - God, I am a nerd. 

5. Don't just block everything else out
Exams are important, that's obvious but so are you, your social life and your general wellbeing. Remember that it's ok to take a break to meet a friend for lunch or to take the evening off to do face masks and watch your favourite film. It's so vital to just take a break sometimes!

What are your top tips for preparing for exams?