debunking the blogging myths

Most people that I speak to assume that the blogging part of my life is just receiving free things, going to events and posting excessively on my Instagram story. Oh, how wrong they are. I hate that there are these myths surrounding blogging that we just get things handed to us and it's an 'easy way to make money', that if you want to work from home, it's simple enough to start up a blog and get paid for it. This couldn't be further from the truth. Today I am debunking the blogging myths.

1. Our lives are not glamorous all of the time

Sure, the parts you might see include hauls with nice new clothes or the photos that have taken 5090358 attempts to get just right. You don't see the days at a time that we spend with writers block, not knowing when the next surge of creativity is going to come or when we don't get any of those 'exciting emails' for a while and we start to wonder if our blog is really good enough.

2. It isn't all 'exciting emails'

Honestly, as a blogger, you grow to hate the term exciting emails. You're happy for your blogging friends who are getting all of these great opportunities but you can't help but feel a little bit disappointed when the only things in your inbox are a company talking about their new privacy policy or someone offering you a 20% coupon to write 5 posts about their products and talk about it on your Instagram story 4390 times - I'll still never understand this. Basically, we don't spend our whole lives answering great emails about new collabs and it really can be a lot more tedious than this.

3. The stuff we get sent isn't 'free'

So, if it's a gifted item and we haven't had to pay for it, people are obviously going to call it free. However, in my opinion, there's nothing free about a gifted item because it's the hard work that we put into blog posts that got us into contact with the companies anyway. Therefore, I really don't appreciate when people say "oh you're so lucky" etc etc etc because while I do feel lucky that I am in this position, it's not luck that got me to where I am, it's hard work.

4. It isn't just writing a couple of blog posts

Since starting JustALittleBitOfLauryn, I have developed so many skills and so, it really frustrates me when people think that being a blogger is just writing a couple of blog posts every so often. I've increased my knowledge of SEO, photography, editing, social media management and so many other things as a result of this blog and I would say that writing the posts is only a small percentage of being a blogger.

What are the myths about your job that you hate? Let me know!