20 things before 20

On October 2nd, I turn 20. I'm giving myself just under 5 months to try and complete these 20 things. Who know if I'll actually manage to do it but with 4 months off of University, I'm setting myself the challenge anyway. Let's see how it goes... 20 Things Before 20. 

1. Get a tattoo

2. Attempt a night out

3. Officially set up as a freelance writer

4. Meet more bloggers

5. Organise the first Exeter Bloggers meet up

6. Bake something that doesn't taste absolutely disgusting

7. Continue with my ebook

8. Start learning Italian again

9. Book a photographer for some A* Instagram content

10. Succeed at doing a cut crease look

11. Dye my hair a different colour

12. Try some DIY home decor

13. Declutter my room (and my life)

14. Book to see more musicals

15. Continue to expand my knowledge of SEO

16. Start putting together Wedding plans

17. Post more beauty and style content even if it makes me super nervous

18. Read more of the massive pile of books I've bought 

19. Learn how to make great cocktails 

20. Work out how on earth I'm nearly 20 when I look about 15.

What things do you want to achieve in the next few months? Let me know!