As someone who has lived in two different flats in student halls within the last 9 months, I like to think that I know a bit about the type of people that you come across during your time living in student accommodation. So, today I'm talking about the 5 types of people in student halls...

1. The Messy One

Let's get something straight, I never expected my experience in student halls to be filled with people who get quite as excited about certain types of cleaning products as me. However, I definitely didn't expect to have to endure some of the grim things that have happened this year either. There's always one who never cleans up after themselves, completely ignores any type of rules and just really doesn't have any consideration for anyone else - even when you tell them 5935845 times about your sensory issues and inability to cope with them spilling things and just not clearing it up.

2. The Loud One

Again, don't get me wrong, I'm all for people enjoying themselves and whatever else that they want to do but when it's 2am and I have an exam the next day, I don't really expect someone to still be screaming at their video game. Just a little bit of respect, please.

3. The One That Is Always Drunk/"High"

I'm not going to judge people for their decisions, it just irritates me when that's the only topic of conversation. "Oh, I'm so high", "Yeah like I just smoked weed" etc etc etc, there's just no need for it. Do what you want but you don't need to tell me all about it. 

4. The One That Can't Cook

I mean, I can't talk, my culinary skills extend to spaghetti bolognese (which I now refuse to eat after my little food poisoning escapade) but there are some people who you can just tell have never turned the oven on in their lives. This one doesn't annoy me as much as the rest, it's quite comical really but I just don't understand how you can get to your late teenage years and not know how to cook pasta.

5. The One That's A Thief

Going to try not to be petty with this one, hard though when people steal your stuff (I can't help being petty). I just don't know why people think that it's ok to take other people's stuff without asking, especially when I'd be fine with them using my stuff most of the time, if they just asked. It's like entering student halls means that you have to constantly be worried that you'll go into the shared areas and suddenly, all of your stuff will be gone. Sigh

What types of people have you come across in student halls? Let me know!