Back when I decided on my 2018 goals, I decided that I would track how they are going throughout the year. I posted my first update back in April and now it's nearing the end of July (seriously, how are we this far through the year already?!), it's time to reflect on my goals so far and see how (and if) I'm achieving them...

2018 goals half way through

- Achieve a good mark in first year

I managed to achieve a high 2:1 (68) in my first year at University. Therefore, I think I've succeeded at this goal. Considering the amount of stress that I endured during first year and the amount of times that I wanted to drop out, I'm more than happy with this mark.

- Get to 100,000 page views

At the beginning of the year, this one seemed entirely unachievable to me. However, we are halfway through the year and I have just under 90,000 page views so maybe it is possible! I'm really proud of how far my blog has come these past few months and I hope that it only continues to get better.

- Advance my writing skills and acquire more writing opportunities

In my April update, I shared my role as business content and social media assistant and as a writer for Liberty Living and Unite Students, so I'm achieving this goal so far. I've also written pieces for various publications in the last couple of months, as well as writing sponsored posts on my own blog and doing my first pieces of client work.

- Work on my appearance

Lose weight: This one is still unsuccessful and I hate it. I'm really hoping that I'll be able to lose some of this weight soon but right now, I'm finding it incredibly difficult.

Cut out sugary drinks: I still have the odd Pepsi max or lemonade but that is very rare. I usually only drink them if there's nothing else to drink as I'm just not fond of the taste.

Become confident in front of the camera: In no way am I fully confident in front of the camera, but I'm working on it. More and more outfit photos are cropping up here and on my Instagram, but it still stresses me out extremely. I want to feel confident enough to expand my brand over to Youtube at some point as I feel like some of my content would work better in video form but it's still early days with that.

Take more time out of my day to do my hair: I wouldn't say I'm fully succeeding at this one, but I'm definitely not failing. Lately, I have been trying to do more with my hair and I am really enjoying how it looks curled but let's be honest, I'm lazy and I'm never going to have the energy to do that more than twice a week.

- Develop make up skills

While I'm happy with my make up skills, there's still definitely room for improvement. I haven't focused on this as much as I'd have liked to so far this year but there's still time. I wish that I had more time to play around with make up and experiment but I just don't have a proper workspace at the moment and it's time consuming so it's not the easiest thing in the world.

- Save money

Well, I did have savings. Summer is expensive. I now have no savings. Basically, I need to really up my game when I go back to University in September when it comes to reducing my spending and actually saving money. However, when all of my incentives to get things done are items of clothing or make up, it's a vicious cycle really. If anyone has any tips for saving money, please let me know!

- Use Etsy/Shop small businesses

While I can not always make purchases, I make sure to promote small businesses etc over on my Twitter because I think that it is so so important. I'm definitely going to be buying lots of Christmas presents from small businesses this year.

- Set up an Etsy shop

Unfortunately, this one has been a complete fail. It's still something that I am so interested in doing but I just haven't had the time or resources to get it done. Plus, considering I'm constantly living out of a suitcase and moving between my house and Joshs, it's difficult to really ever get anything done.

- Think about life after University

Like I said in my last post, I want to do something in digital marketing/writing. I'm not sure on exactly what yet but I'm just trying to build up as much experience as I can and hope for the best. However, you wouldn't believe how many people have pondered upon why I want to go into writing and social media when I study Psychology - it's as though people still believe that studying Psychology means you have to be a Psychologist when you graduate, eh no.

- Improve my photography

Sometimes, it's hard to see improvement in something until you compare it to content you produced a couple of years ago. When I look at the first couple of posts on my blog, the photography is so so bad and that's fine - I was just starting out. I can definitely see an improvement in it now but I'm going to continue working on this because I'm nowhere near fully happy with it yet.

How is 2018 going for you? Have you set yourself any goals? Let me know!