In my First Year Truths post, I share my experience of first year and so, from that, you will know that this is the second flat that I've lived in during first year and I've only actually been living here since mid January so it's surreal to be packing up again.

By the time this is posted, I will have moved out so I can share the details about where I lived during first year for any prospective University of Exeter students. For the entirety of first year, I lived in Northfield, a Unite Students accommodation which is around 10-15 minutes walk from Streatham campus (you get quicker as you get used to the never ending hill). I have lived in two different flats in different blocks, both being standard ensuite rooms. Overall, I haven't had too much of an issue with the accommodation itself and I can't fault the location in terms of the distance to the train station and the city centre. If you have any more questions about my experience in the accommodation, please feel free to get in touch.

Now, on to the reason that you probably clicked on this post. What does my University room look like? I'll show you... (please don't expect any Pinterest-worthy photos because you'll be in for a lot of disappointment when you see my painfully average student room). I like to think that I've made this room my own and it's going to be weird not living here anymore.

The Bed

Ultimately the most important area of the room. I expected the bed to be very uncomfortable due to the rumours you hear about student accommodation but surprisingly, it has been relatively comfortable and it's a good size too. You always hear people complaining about how small their university beds are so I feel lucky to have had a good size, not back-breaking bed. The duvet and all of the cushions are from Primark.

Make Up Storage

First, let's ignore how dirty that mirror looks. This is probably one of my favourite parts of my room. I bought the drawers for about £30 on Amazon and for quite a cheap purchase, they are such good quality and hold my make up perfectly. I'm not going to go into detail about all of my make up but if you're interested in a make up collection post, let me know!

The mirror is the same one that pretty much every single person has from No7, again the trusty Ikea pot which every beauty blogger and their mum has and the lifesaver that is Lush's 'Sleepy'. The photo makes me look like I have kept the top of the draws quite minimalistic but the reality of the situation is that it's usually full of everything from random lecture notes to food wrappers - obviously, I'm really living a classy life.

The Desk Area

I'm going to miss how big this desk is. I had to be extra and order two monitors for my desktop computer so the extra space really helps me out. This is a pretty self explanatory area so I'm not going to go into detail about things that are right in front of your eyes. Throughout the year, I was in a constant battle with myself as I tried to keep this area as tidy as possible but I always ended up balancing random things because let's be honest, I do not know how to declutter, I have too much stuff and it is the bane of my life.

I bought the desk chair from IKEA as the one that was in the room when I moved in really was not the most comfiest of things and considering the amount of time I spend at my desk. it was definitely worth the money to buy a new one. This is the chair I proudly (stubbornly) put together myself - aka my greatest achievement of 2018.


These shelves are one of my favourite things about the room because I feel as though they are a perfect representation of me as a person. Arguably, they are very cluttered but you could say that just sums my life up perfectly.

As you can see, I have everything from books to shot glasses, photos of Josh and I to pop figures and even a foam brain and a light up pineapple.

More shelves

Oh look, the copper trays that every blogger has. I often rotated what was in these depending on what I was reaching for most at the time but for the majority of the year, they held things such as face masks, body sprays and good old Dobble. 

I used the shelves underneath for board games, random things I don't need everyday and boxes for snacks and cables. 


It's a small bathroom. However, I'm the only one that uses it for the most part so that's fine by me. I will definitely miss having my own bathroom next year. The only problem I had with the shower this year was the shower head which decided to be the most spluttery (is that a word?) thing in existence. So, rather than feeling like you were showering, you felt like buckets of water were just being poured over your head. It was stressful. Oh and the fact it took about 5 minutes for the water to turn hot when I was using the tap. Although, I did like being able to organise all of my skincare and other products exactly how I wanted.

So, that's my first year University room. It could have been a lot worse, could have been a lot better but I don't think my problem was with the room itself, rather the mess that I had to endure in the communal areas of the flat.

Oh also, let's all admire my hipflask collection because it would be a shame not to mention it.

What's your favourite part of your room? Let me know!