For someone who spent the first 18 years of their life convinced that they would hate plane journeys, I actually cope with them reasonably well. Don't get me wrong, they aren't my favourite thing in the world but it's a manageable experience.

In a couple of weeks, Josh and I are going to Amsterdam for 4 nights and so, I'm going to be sharing some travel-related content to 1) get myself organised and 2) hopefully help you if you have a trip planned soon! In today's post, I'm going to be talking about my essentials for flights and what helps me to stay calm when I do feel a little bit anxious about flying.

my flight essentials

1. Ear plugs/headphones

I am that person that puts ear plugs in/headphones on as soon as the flight starts and I will not take them off until we have landed. Due to my really bad sensory issues, my ears can become really painful during flights and I can't deal with the noise too so this is the main thing that I do to get through it.

2. Polos

This is probably going to sound really weird because it's so specific. I think it would be understandable if I said any type of mints but I just like polos. People say suck on a hard boiled sweet as you're going up to stop your ears from popping, I can't say I've actually tried that.

3. iPad (and lots of bad TV shows downloaded)

Is there anything better than passing the time with trashy TV? I don't think so. I don't take my laptop on holidays because I don't trust myself not to break it and I also don't really see the need as it's supposed to be my time away from work and I know that if I bring my laptop, I'll just end up working. However, this is where my iPad is incredibly useful. I have the iPad mini so it's compact enough to not take up loads of room in my carry on luggage but big enough so that Josh and I can enjoy watching something during the flight. I always find that watching something light hearted makes the time go so much quicker so I would definitely recommend.

4. Face moisturiser and lip balm

Flying makes my skin feel really dry and gross so I like to have some moisturiser and lip balm so that I can start the holiday feeling at least half human. If I had it my way, I'd do my whole skincare routine on the plane but somehow, I think that might be a bit extra of me.

5. Bottled water

If you're like me and you can get quite nervous about flying and that makes you feel sick, I would definitely recommend bringing a bottle of water on to the flight with you - even if the price of it is ridiculous at the airport. I can get quite faint sometimes and let's be honest, fainting on a plane isn't something that's on my bucket list so I try to stay as hydrated as possible.

I like to have a smaller bag in my carry on luggage that contains all of these things so that I can just get it out at the start of the flight and not have to worry about constantly reaching for my suitcase because I really don't want to be that annoying person that's leaning over someone every 5 minutes to get yet another item out of their suitcase.

What are your essentials for flying? Let me know!