Another year of Love Island is over. 50% of viewers will still be following the likes of Dani and Jack and their adventures out of the villa (this is me), 50% will just be glad that it's over as wow, didn't this years just drag? (this is also me). However, many people will still be comparing their appearance to those that are in the villa. This is what I'm calling 'The Love Island Effect' and spoiler: it's not positive.

the love island effect

Before I begin, I'd just like to say that I'm not insulting or judging any of the Islanders, my problem is not with them but the producers who appear incapable of considering anyone for the show who is above a size 8. Let's be real here, I'm nowhere near a size 8 and so, I'm not going to lie, I've spent a lot of the past 8 weeks comparing myself to the girls in the villa and basically realising that I'll never look like that. You could say that this hasn't done any favours for my body confidence issues.

What worries me is that while I did compare myself to the Islanders throughout the show, I was also very aware of the fact that it's ok that I don't look like that and a lot of the time, cosmetic surgery is enhancing their appearances. Again, nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery, you do you. But, what about the younger people who watch the show? Those who aren't aware that it's ok to look like you and not them? The ones who don't realise the part cosmetic surgery has to play? This is where the issue is. When young people are as impressionable as they are in today's society, it is genuinely worrying that they will take what they see on these tv shows and go to extreme measures to try and achieve results that they think will make them 'attractive'. I mean, it's not hard to see why they would think that they have to look a certain way to fit in when shows like Love Island really do only choose a certain type of person with a certain type of appearance. There's just no diversity really.

I think it's about time that producers start to think about all body types, all different types of people and incorporate this into the show because believe it or not, you don't have to look like one of the Islanders in order to be attractive.

Physical appearance seems like the only thing people care about when it comes to people on Love Island. Throughout this year's episodes, there was constant abuse on social media towards the Islanders, only shortly after Season 2 Islander, Sophie Gradon committed suicide. So, why continue to be so spiteful and full of hate towards people when we are constantly witnessing the massive negative impact it can have on someone's life?! A particular theme of hatred that I viewed on social media was towards Megan Barton Hanson and her plastic surgery. Images were shared online of Megan before plastic surgery and attached to these images were constant comments of abuse, insulting Megan's appearance before plastic surgery and basically, people having far too much to say about a topic that doesn't concern them. If someone's appearance before plastic surgery is insulted, it's just sending out an image to everyone that being natural isn't attractive. But then, her appearance was negatively commented on during Love Island too so basically, nobody can ever win. Oh, the Love Island Effect.

Not everyone is going to look the same and it's about time that people realised that.

What are your views on the lack of diversity in shows like Love Island? What do you think of the damaging impact that the Love Island Effect can have? Let me know!

The Love Island Effect