A while ago, I saw Vix talking about starting a capsule wardrobe and at first, the concept of doing so really intrigued me. I want to stop giving in to fast fashion pieces, filling up my room with too many striped t shirts and think more about the clothes I buy and how I can wear them all year round. I started putting together a plan for a capsule wardrobe but I realised, this really isn't for me.

capsule wardrobe

I can see why capsule wardrobes work so well for other people but for me, I just feel boring. I like to be able to mix up my clothes as this is what makes me feel slightly better about my body and I feel that by limiting my wardrobe, I am limiting who I am. This probably sounds really quite silly to some people but for me, I do think that my style is a large part of who I am and that's just not something I'm ready to let go of. Also, I'm working so hard on putting myself out there and putting photos of myself and my outfits up on social media and if I don't have a variety of clothes to show, I worry that the content just won't be interesting enough and I will get bored of showing the same items and that will just result in a backwards step in my progress. 

This isn't to say I'm not aware of how detrimental fast fashion can be. This isn't me saying I'm planning on buying loads of new pieces every week to fit in to the latest Instagram trends (please, I'm a student, I couldn't afford to do that even if I wanted to). I want to be able to limit my clothing purchases but for now, a capsule wardrobe just isn't for me. 

So, instead, I'm going to focus more on selling my old items rather than keeping them in my wardrobe 'just in case I wear them one day'. I want to devote more of my time to looking at what I'm actually wearing and thinking about what I need when I go to buy more clothes, rather than just buying another dress of the same style as ones in my wardrobe just because it's "cute". 

One of the times that I realised I had a serious problem with buying clothes was when I was packing up my University room to move home a few months ago and I found a denim skirt from ASOS in my wardrobe with tags on. That doesn't sound too bad, right? Well, I was wearing a nearly identical one when I found it. I realised I was buying too many clothes, I forgot about loads of them. Not one of my finest moments, I must say. 

I don't want to be minimal with my wardrobe because that's just not me, but I also don't want to have too many clothes that I don't know what to do with half of them. I just want to be in the middle of this; learning to feel confident about myself without spending way too much money every time I take a trip into town. 

What do you think about capsule wardrobes? Let me know!