From the 26th to the 30th of August, Josh and I took a trip to Amsterdam. This week, I'm going to be sharing our thoughts, what we got up to and a lot of photos. I'm also going to be sharing a daily video montage which you can find here. So, let's talk about the first day of our holiday...

amsterdam day 1

I'm quite an anxious person when it comes to travelling (and let's be honest, in day to day life too) and so, I'm one of those people that turns up to the airport very early. However, we thought the flight was earlier than it was and it was delayed by 1h30... we were at the airport for a long time. I'm a lover of shopping, there's no hiding that, but there's only so many times you can walk through the same sections of duty free before you lose the will to live. After many hours of walking around aimlessly, a Wagamamas and sheer frustration at large groups of people taking up way too much space, we were on the plane. Finally. Oh wait though, here comes another hour of sitting on the plane not moving. Joys. 

Obviously, we finally started flying and the flight actually felt incredibly short. As per usual, flying made me incredibly sick and tired, despite the short length of time that we were actually up in the air but I was determined to not let illness get in the way of enjoying the holiday. So, we spent probably a bit too long working out where on earth we were going and made our way to the hotel. By the time we arrived in Amsterdam, it was around 7pm. We could have gone out and explored a bit but we were tired, hungry and why burn yourself out on the first night unnecessarily? 

amsterdam day 1

We stayed in the Corendon Vitality Hotel in a standard twin room and although I didn't actually get any photos of the room, I did film a little room tour in the video. It was really pleasant, spacious and modern and we would definitely stay here again if we went back to Amsterdam. It's only a 20 minute train journey from Schipol Airport and a 20 minute journey on the metro into the town centre. While we mainly relied on the metro, there were also tram and bus stops located close to the hotel and so, while it's not right in the centre, it is easy enough to get to everything. Also, there's a Lidl a 10 minute walk away so you can't really go wrong with that. 

Regarding our travel, we purchased an Amsterdam Region 3 day ticket for €33.50 which we used for the 3 full days that we were there. This was really useful as we could go on any form of transport pretty much and it saved us a lot of money because we were trying to visit as many places as possible in the amount of time that we were there. We purchased this at the airport when we arrived and 'checked in' with it the day after when we wanted to start using it. Then, on the days that we were travelling to and from the airport, we just purchased single tickets on the metro and train and this was only about €15 each way for the both of us. 

There's not really much to say about the rest of the evening as we just ordered pizza to our hotel room, watched bad shows on Netflix and finished planning out our trip. Not the most exciting but the hotel was very comfortable and I felt at ease, which is always a positive. 

What type of person are you when travelling?

 Let me know!