Our first full day in Amsterdam was really quite busy; I feel as though we spend so much time on holiday trying to fit everything in that we don't realise how exhausted it'll make us in the long run. I'm talking about the average of 20,000 steps Josh and I did per day, which may not seem like a lot to you but believe me, that's a lot for me and I am still tired. I've also uploaded a video montage of this day so be sure to check that out here and let's begin talking about our first full day in Amsterdam...

We started off the day with travelling into the centre and exploring the area to get an idea of our surroundings. I think that it's incredibly pretty and I just love the canals and watching all of the boats, it felt very calming even though we were right in the centre. There's something about cute little shops that really appeals to me and considering Amsterdam has so many of them, I was definitely in my element. Just walking around and taking in our surroundings was a really great way to spend our first morning.

Unfortunately, things didn't go quite as smoothly as we hoped when we went for lunch. We 
chose a pasta place located in the Central Station as we thought it looked similar to our absolute favourite place when we were on holiday in Verona and so, we assumed it would be a quick, easy stop for lunch. One hour after we had placed our order, Josh was yet to have his food, I had the wrong order and there was no apology and instead, they made us wait even longer and continued to serve everyone else. This made me incredibly infuriated and as you can imagine, we didn't go back there. I can understand that mistakes can be made when it's busy but 1) it wasn't busy and 2) the fact that there was no apology is just rude.

Once we finally had our food and more time out of our day was taken than expected, we got the ferry over to the A'DAM Lookout Tower* which we were really looking forward to as we had heard that the views from the top were amazing. While we were lucky enough to not have to pay for our entry due to my collaboration with A'DAM Lookout, the prices to enter start from €12.50 per person which is super affordable and I would definitely recommend this if you are taking a trip to Amsterdam as it is a great experience to see the city from a different perspective. 

After having our photo taken (which you can purchase at the end of your trip or a copy gets sent to your email), we went up to the top in the elevator which goes up 100 metres in 22 seconds. It's definitely not like your typical elevator experience as you are faced with a whole lot of flashing lights and music; an interesting experience to say the least but definitely a pretty cool touch. 

There are two levels when you reach the top; inside and outside. The inside is really pleasant and we did have a little look but we were eager to get up to the top which was the 360 degrees sky deck. The views were absolutely phenomenal and despite it being incredibly windy, we both really enjoyed it. There is the Panorama Restaurant and Rooftop Bar, both of which looked lovely but we decided to spend our time walking around, admiring the views and attempting to take photographs. Of course, the Over The Edge swing is one of the main parts of the tower, it is the highest swing in Europe and there wasn't a chance that I was going on it. I applaud anyone who is brave enough because I'm certainly not.

Overall, we really enjoyed our time at the A'DAM Lookout Tower and thank you to the team for wanting to collaborate with me. We both loved being able to see the city from above and even if the wind did ruin my hair for the rest of the day, it was worth it. 

Once we left the Lookout Tower, we made our way to the Amsterdam Museum* to find out more about the history of the city. Again, I was lucky enough to collaborate with the museum and so, we gained free entry. The usual ticket price per adult is €13.50, which we would have definitely paid if we weren't on a press trip as it was really interesting to learn lots of new information about the city. 

I particularly enjoyed The Most Beautiful City exhibition which portrays Amsterdam through the eyes of Eberhard van der Laan, the mayor of Amsterdam from 2010-2017. I found this particularly intriguing as it focused on how rapid changes have happened in Amsterdam throughout the years; from more tourists to more work, Van der Laan calls this a 'major expansion'. This was very informative but also had a certain poignancy about it as we can see his love for the city, especially in his farewell letter where he says "Take good care of our city and one another".

There are many exhibitions and collections in the museum; from The Little Orphanage to Amsterdam DNA and while I will not be speaking about these in such great depth. I would definitely recommend visiting if you are going to be in Amsterdam, as we left feeling much more informed about the city as a whole. You can use the audio guides, arrange a guided tour or simply walk around by yourself and get a feel for the place. Thank you to the team at Amsterdam Museum for wanting to work with me, it has been a great opportunity.

Once we left the museum, we decided to explore a little bit more. This led to churros. Very good churros. Although, I was surprised that Josh has never tried a churro before; can confirm that he was not disappointed by them. While I managed to eatr 75% of the churros, the rest ended up all over me, especially down my light pink top. Fab. I proceeded to walk around incredibly high end stores with nutella all over my shirt just generally looking like a mess - if that doesn't sum me up, I don't know what does. 

I'd also like to take a moment here to appreciate green pesto cheese. We both thought that it would be revolting but it really wasn't and now I'm craving it. I've never seen it in the UK though. Heartbroken. 

Other than more walking around and taking way too many photos, we made our way back to the hotel in the evening as we were both incredibly tired. We ordered another take out to our room (oops) which consisted of a burger and a...jacket potato? I've never had a jacket potato as a side for a burger before and it's safe to say that I was incredibly confused. 

So, that was Amsterdam day 2. A lot of walking, a lot of food and a lot of lovely photo opportunities. Remember to check out what we got up to on day one here if you haven't already and be ready for tomorrow's post on day 3.

Do you think you would have gone on the Over The Edge Swing? Let me know!

*This blog post is in collaboration with A'Dam Lookout and Amsterdam Museum. However, all opinions are 100% my own.