Amsterdam Day 3; an amazing day but one where the wasps decided to make a few too many appearances,  let's just say that I wasn't best pleased. If you don't really know me, hi my name is Lauryn and I have the biggest wasp phobia ever. Anyway, let's talk about what we got up to on day 3 of our trip and as always, be sure to check out the little video montage here. Let's begin...

We started the day off with a bit of souvenir shopping and by that I mean, tactically going to every souvenir shop and getting the best price on everything - we really are good at this whole money saving thing when we want to be. I picked up a couple of things for family and for myself but I will not be showing these as we are yet to give them out and in true Lauryn style, I'm too lazy to get up and photograph them. Rest assured that I did get my hip flask and shot glass to remember the holiday. Tradition. 

The first thing we had on the agenda was a canal tour, this was something that I was most excited for on the trip. We did something similar in Berlin and I absolutely loved it and so, I was looking forward to doing it again. However, it was a little bit of a fuss. The company that we booked with was nowhere in sight, they weren't answering the phone number that they left on the booking confirmation and we had no idea what to do. We decided to go into another tourist attraction shop to ask whereabouts the company was based but instead, they gave us tickets to a completely different boat tour and didn't explain the situation. Weird. Not quite sure what happened there. 

So, I thought that we were all ready and it would all be plain sailing from here (get it, sailing, because we are on a boat... at least I find myself funny), alas I was incorrect. I realised how low down the boat was on the canal and there were no proper steps to get down into it. Panic. I am not good at this sort of thing, I will fall into the water, I can't do this... these were just some of the thoughts going through my head. I will admit now that I not so gracefully sat down on the side of the canal and lifted myself into the boat to avoid any injuries - may have got some weird looks but I didn't hurt myself and that's all that matters, right? 

Right, we are sat down, ready for a peaceful hour going through some of the famous canals of Amsterdam, what could go wrong? A massive wasp hovering in the boat. Of course. Heart rate is up, nowhere to go and freaking out. Not a pleasant experience. Another opportunity for the other people in our boat to give me weird looks. Hey, at least I put on a show? This happened a few times throughout the tour and I felt constantly on edge but seeing Amsterdam from a different perspective like this was absolutely amazing and something that I would definitely recommend doing. I would also say that it's much better to go in one of the smaller boats because we often passed the larger, more well-known boats and it just didn't look very comfortable for anyone involved. The tour guide that we had gave us a lot of information about the city and made it a pleasant experience too. I've got to say one of the standout points of the tour was a man in a small boat drifting round in circles playing music on a couple of different instruments all at once. It made me laugh when he then lifted out a massive fishing rod with a clog attached to it and lifted it up to the bridge to allow passers by to hand him money. An odd experience, to say the least. 

After the stress of the canal tour, I was hungry. I mean, I'm always hungry but after not having eaten all day and feeling incredibly anxious, I started to get quite light headed which isn't the best thing in the world. Got to say I perked right up when Josh suggested going to a creperie. We went to Crepes And Waffles and it did not disappoint. I decided on a nutella and strawberry crepe (classic Lauryn) and Josh had a waffle with salted caramel ice cream (classic Josh) - we are very much creatures of habit. From the great food to the beautiful pink interior, this was definitely one of my favourite places to eat on the trip and that's not just because of the large amount of strawberries they put in my crepe. I've got beef with places that only give you like 3 strawberries. 

Next up we had to drop the backpack to a luggage hold as the next thing we had planned was the Anne Frank House and you're not allowed to take large backpacks inside. We used Drop And Go which was a really affordable service, priced at only €4 for the day for our size luggage and they had really good customer service. I would definitely recommend them if you are only in Amsterdam for the day and you don't want to drag your luggage around. 

We then came across a Catholic church which was close to the train station and as it was 20 minutes before the closing time, we decided to go and have a quick look. It was incredibly beautiful inside and despite us only staying for a short amount of time, it was really lovely to see.

So, the Anne Frank House. Before we start, I'd just like to say that there were multiple wasps in the queue as we were waiting to go in and I just wanted to cry. Actually, I'll be truthful, I did cry, I panicked and I wanted to leave. Full disclosure here. When we eventually got let in, we were provided with an audio guide and we made our way to the museum section. Obviously, filming and photography is not allowed in the Anne Frank House so there's no photos here but basically, everyone should visit at some point because it's so important to understand what exactly happened here. 

It was an incredibly moving experience to be in the place where Anne and her family hid for those couple of years and I think it especially hit me as we walked through the bookcase which hid the opening for the annexe. The audio guide and the information provided really helped to refresh my knowledge of what happened and so, I would definitely say to take your time going through and immerse yourself in your surroundings so that you can truly get to grips with what happened. I was trying to do this while a family with young children were making so much noise directly in front of me for the entirety of my visit so as you can imagine, I got a little bit frustrated. 

On to the practical information for the Anne Frank House, you definitely need to book your tickets in advance because that is how the new system works and I would recommend booking them as soon as you can because even though we did this a month before, it was limited space and the slots fill up very quickly. Also, there are some very steep stairs throughout the museum and the house, some that are similar to a ladder and so, I would say be mindful of that and also, don't wear a skirt like I did because you're constantly worried that everyone can see up your skirt and that's not a fun experience.

After the Anne Frank House, it was time for dinner. Unfortunately, due to my sensory issues, I struggle with trying new food and so, we decided on a Wagamama's. I wish that I could be more adventurous with my dietary causes but I don't really want to risk having a sensory meltdown, to be quite honest. As per usual, I got a katsu chicken and Josh decided on a teriyaki Donburi, we also had some duck gyozas which well, everyone needs them in their life. There's not really much else to say about this, everyone knows what a Wagamama's is like. 

Once we had finished dinner, we decided to explore for a bit longer as we weren't quite ready to go back to the hotel yet. Our original plan was to go to Vondelpark but we couldn't find it so we took a few too many photos at the I Amsterdam Sign and relaxed on the grass in Museum Square for a while. My highlight of this was that the tiniest little dog ran up to me while I was sat on the floor and it was so adorable and it just made me so happy. It's the little things in life. 
Other than watching bad Netflix shows in our hotel room when we got back, that's about it for day 3 in Amsterdam. If you haven't already, be sure to check out day 2 here and I'll be back tomorrow with what we got up to on our last full day in Amsterdam. 

Can you cope with wasps being around you or do you also run away screaming? Let me know!