Amsterdam Day 4. Another busy day, another day where my wasp phobia restricts me (joys). From exploring the Albert Cuyp Market to expanding our knowledge in the Van Gogh and Moco Museum, it was fun but exhausting. Remember to check out the corresponding video montage here and let's begin...

The day started off with our usual walk around the central. I think it's a good idea to not do anything too strenuous as soon as you start the day because it just makes you burned out before it's even started. So, we are just walking along, minding our own business when we come across a Dunkin Donuts. Excited. For context, there is not a Dunkin Donuts anywhere near me and we love them so obviously, we had to get one - even if it was the first thing we had to eat that day... healthy as ever. 

We then spent the rest of the morning just wondering around, taking too many photos (is there such a thing?) and not really doing a lot. We decided on a place called Burgerij for lunch, where we both had a spicy chicken grilled sandwich and some fries. At first, we were a bit unsure on the place and we weren't sure how good quality it would be but we actually both really enjoyed it. 

After lunch, we made our way to the Albert Cuyp Market - I'm a big fan of a good street market and this one was massive so it was definitely going to keep us occupied for a while. Other than a lot of wasps, a lot of panicking about said wasps and running away from them, we both really enjoyed the market. I picked up a couple of nice bits and it was just a pleasant atmosphere. We bought a stroop waffle each from one of the market stalls and made our way back to the metro for the next part of our day.

We arrived in Museum Square for an afternoon of looking around the Van Gogh Museum and the Moco Museum. Both of which I was lucky enough to work with on this trip so thank you to both museums for providing me with entry and making our experience really enjoyable. Unfortunately, I began to feel incredibly ill, light headed and sick, resulting in me nearly collapsing in the bathroom. It wasn't a pleasant experience but somehow, I managed to push through and make the most out of our time in the museums. 

Photography was not permitted in the Van Gogh Museum* but I have added some of the press images here. However, obviously this does not do any of it justice and I would say that this is a must if you visit Amsterdam. While I had relatively good knowledge regarding the story of Van Gogh, this really helped to expand my knowledge and see his journey through his art. The different collections in the museum were all so unique and amazing in their own way and the information that was given definitely made you feel as though you really understood what was happening in the art work. Seeing the famous pieces such as Sunflowers and The Bedroom in real life was really interesting and as a former art student, I found this really enjoyable. 

Vincent van Gogh, January 1889
The Bedroom 

Vincent van Gogh, October 1888

When we had finished in the museum, we decided to take a little look at the Van Gogh Dreams exhibition which is available for viewing from the 27th July 2018 to the 13th January 2019. This was very different to anything that I have experienced before as we experienced the emotions of Van Gogh, entering his heart and mind through a narrative installation. While none of his art was in the installation, you still felt like you knew exactly how he was feeling at the time which was a incredible experience. 

The Moco Museum* was next on the agenda; a modern and contemporary art museum, which is currently exhibiting Banksy 'Laugh Now' and Icy and Sot 'A Moment Of Clarity'. First, let's talk about the museum itself, a really beautiful building with so much pink interior that made my heart very happy. The staff were incredibly welcoming and really engaged with us upon arrival which is something that we both appreciated. 

On to the art, the Banksy exhibition contained around 50 pieces of his original work. We viewed a variety of his famous works, such as Girl With Balloon and Soup Can. As someone who has always been inspired by Banksy's style of work, it was really cool to be able to see these pieces in person. Something that I found really interesting was the pieces that were saved from rubble of torn down buildings as it was interesting to see the art in different formats. 

I had never really heard of Icy and Sot before visiting the museum, but I can see why they are thought of as the 'Banksy of Iran'. Their work is so controversial that it has been banned in their own country but I found it incredibly interesting as their art explored themes of oppression, freedom and war. 

On our way out of the museum, we came across a Roy Lichtenstein Lasting Influence exhibition which was really intriguing. I absolutely love the pop art style and it's something that I have based my own art on in the past so this was one of my favourite parts. It was really weird, but really cool too. 

The final part of the museum was the Moco Garden which included a variety of obscure statues, which Josh and I (mainly I) enjoyed taking photos with. I think that this is a really interesting way to end a museum visit and it's something that I've never really seen before. 

Once we had finished looking in the museums, we took a walk around Dam Square to pick up some final souvenirs and make the most out of our final evening in Amsterdam. There's not much else to say other than another pizza takeaway (oops) in the hotel room and more bad shows on Netflix. Like I've said, we are creatures of habit and there is nothing wrong with that.

So, that's what we got up to on our last full day in Amsterdam. If you haven't already, be sure to check out what we did on day 3 here and I'll be back tomorrow for the final Amsterdam post. 

What's your favourite type of art? Let me know!

*This blog post is in collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum and Moco Museum. However, all opinions are 100% my own.